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Spread The Word On a Big Church Screen For Less

Church Screen
Big Screen for Church Church Projector Screens Large Projection Screens for Churches Video Screens for Churches

Quality DIY Projector Screens for Churches— at a Great Low Price

Carl's Place aims to assist churches, ministries, bible schools & all places of worship who are sharing his message–with church projection screens–to spread the good word. We offer Projector Screen Material, Fixed Frame Kits, ready-to-hang Finished Edge Screens for your truss system, Hanging or Standing Kits for a heavenly DIY church projection screen at a great low price!

Big Projection Screens for Churches Attract New Members

Large projector screens can make a huge difference in communicating small church family philosophy in a more contemporary way. Audio/visual systems, including video screens for churches, have become an integral component of services across the country.

Projection screens for churches can be expensive, but small churches save big money on DIY video screens. Investing a little time and elbow grease to build a big church video screen can cost a lot less than commercial screens and attract new members to your church.

Hundreds of ministries have built their church projection screen & so can you!

Church screens allow you to project scripture, song lyrics, inspirational stories and lessons, as well as, announce community events, birth announcements and more to create a sense of community.

Screens for churches are becoming increasingly popular and make your message and more importantly His Word more memorable. Our top selling material for portable church projection screens is FlexiWhite! This highly portable church screen works great for indoor and outdoor use. One customer referred to his FlexiWhite DIY church video screen as our generation's version of stained glass. And we are grateful for the complement!

See our easy Key Material Deciding Factors and use our Material Comparison Chart to find the right projector screen material for your DIY Church Screen.

DIY church video screens pack a big punch on a little budget.

People are in tough financial situations these days. Sometimes asking people to give more isn't the only option to grow your ministry. Attracting new members can be equally important for ministry growth. Build a big church video screen for less to appeal to new families, teens and younger children!

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