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Golf Impact Screen Comparison

Compare Carl's Golf Impact Screen Materials

Golf Simulator Premium Impact Screen Material Golf Simulator Preferred Impact Screen Material Golf Simulator Standard Impact Screen Material
Here is how they differ Premium Preferred Standard
Usage Level Heavy-Duty/Daily Use Personal to Small Group/ Weekly Use Personal/Occasional Use
Ability Level Commercial Use/Professional Experienced/Non-Commercial Beginner/Non-Commercial
Bounce Back Little to None Minimal Minimal
Durability Excellent Durability Very Durable Good
Image Quality HD Excellent/High-Definition Very Good Good
Indoor/Outdoor Best Indoors Indoor/Outdoor/Portable Indoor/Outdoor/Portable
Material Composition Three thick layers of heavy-duty impact resistant woven polyester with spacer; solid 100% Heavy-Duty Polyester with Silicone Reinforcement; Tightly Woven Knit 100% Heavy-Duty Polyester; Loosely Woven with an Open Weave
Noise Reduction Very Good Good OK
Here are the similarities Premium Preferred Standard
Color White White White
Golf Ball Speeds Real golf balls up to 250 MPH Real golf balls up to 250 MPH Real golf balls up to 250 MPH
Golf Balls/Clubs
Care & Use
Clean; No Sharpie marker Clean; No Sharpie marker Clean; No Sharpie marker
How to Hang Flat but Loosely Flat but Loosely Flat but Loosely
Mounting Distance
from Wall*
Minimum of 1 Foot Minimum of 1 Foot Minimum of 1 Foot
Projection Environment Dark Viewing
Dark Viewing
Dark Viewing
Projection Method Front Projection Only Front Projection Only Front Projection Only
Seamless Screen Yes (Max Height 122") Yes (Max Height 120") Yes (Max Height 122")
Short Throw Projector Recommended Recommended Recommended

Available in Material 1 only or Finished Edge Screens 2

Sizes & prices are located in the drop down menu, under the images, on each product page 3

Golf Simulator Premium Finished Edge Impact Screen Golf Simulator Preferred Finished Edge Impact Screen Golf Simulator Standard Finished Edge Impact Screen

HD All of our golf impact screen materials are compatible for HD projection, though your projector, of course, will need to be capable of projecting a native HD resolution. Standard Impact Screens have the most texture and are likely to provide the appearance of a lower resolution image. While Premium Impact Screens have very little texture, they can provide the sharpest possible picture for your high-definition images.

1 Customers who have purchased our impact screen materials (raw material) have hung it in multiple ways. Some have used clamps; others staple the top to a piece of wood all along the top and simply let it hang.

2 Those that have purchased a finished edge impact screen have used our bungees, rope, carabiners and zip ties. Our Finished Edge Screens have black vinyl edges with grommets installed for easy installation.

3 Some customers prefer their golf impact screen fit a specific amount of space or aspect ratio, while others prefer additional height and allow the screen to drape on the ground at the bottom and assist in ball return. There is no right or wrong answer, only personal preference. Learn more about Projection Industry vs Golf Industry size options in our Golf FAQ (Technical Information Section).

Looking to build a Golf Hitting Cage? View our Fittings to Build (up to a 10-12 Foot) Golf Simulator Hitting Cage product.

Do NOT use a golf ball with Sharpie marker on it and make sure your clubs and golf balls are clean to avoid getting dirt or grass stains on your screen. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure - do your best to setup, use and store your screen in a safe, clean and dry environment.

*Please make sure to take proper safety precautions. DO take every precaution; keep children, pets and spectators out of swing range. DO take every precaution to protect ceilings, walls, windows, cars & neighboring homes. Carl's Place is not responsible for damage to property &/or personal injury.