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Carl's Golf Simulator Premium Impact Finished Top-Edge Screens

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Everything our standard impact screen material offers plus a premium image and a finished top edge for easy hanging! Build your own golf simulator with Carl's Premium Golf Simulator Impact Screen which withstands direct golf ball impact with minimal bounce back.  
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Price From: $904.95


NEW! This highly durable, Premium Impact Screen with a Finished Edge and Grommets on the Top, has the high definition image you've been looking for! It's everything our standard impact screen material offers plus a premium image. The top finished edge makes it easier to hang. Our golf hitting net has been designed and tested to withstand direct impact from the fastest moving golf balls and with very little bounce back. Carl's front-projection, Premium Golf Simulator Net provides an even clearer and crisper image that will make you feel like you're at the fairway. Turn your garage, barn, backyard or any space large enough to swing a golf club into a driving range and train all year-round with your very own DIY Golf Impact Screen. Our Premium Golf Simulator Hitting Screen is made of three layers of heavy-duty, tight knit impact resistant polyester including a cushioned center layer that offers fewer chances for fraying or burrs even when you use your driver. This Impact Projection Screen is best for indoor usage. Why buy Carl's Premium Golf Simulator Impact Screen Material? You want to make your own golf net that will withstand direct golf ball impact, offer a premium image, hang easily and improve your golf swing.

Two Product Dimension Types:

(1) Projection Industry:  To ensure the image fills the entire screen and achieve the best possible image projections, match the native aspect ratio of your projector to that of the screen by selecting from one of the top 5 corresponding aspect ratio sizes. Aspect ratio simply refers to the shape of the image being projected. A 4:3 is slightly more square, like old CRT TVs. A 16:9 is a wider screen like today's flat screen TVs and is the most common. And the 2.39:1 golf impact screen is wider yet.

  1. Product: (4:3) 94in x 10 Ft | Outer Dimensions: 94"x122" | Viewable: 91.5"x122" | Diagonal: 152" | Tube: 99x9x9in and 35 Lbs.
  2. Product: (16:9) 103in x 15 Ft | Outer Dimensions: 103.5"x179.6" | Viewable: 101"x179.6" | Diagonal: 206" | Tube: 108x9x9in and 40 Lbs.
  3. Product: (2.39:1) 103in x 20 Ft | Outer Dimensions: 103.5"x241.4" | Viewable: 101"x241.4" | Diagonal: 261" | Tube: 108x9x9in and 50 Lbs.

(2) Golf Industry:  Additionally, some customers desire standard impact screen sizes and for them the projected image is secondary. If this describes you, select from the following 4 golf industry sizes.

  1. Product: 103in x 12 Ft | Outer Dimensions: 103.5"x144" | Viewable: 101"x144" | Diagonal: 177" | Tube: 108x9x9in and 38 Lbs.

Product Information:

  • Finished black vinyl edges with grommets installed on the Top Side Only to hang loosely with ease
  • Our premium, front-projection screen is designed for high definition imagery and provides a clearer, crisper image
  • Offers greater absorption resistance and fewer chances for fraying or burrs even when you use your driver
  • DIY golf impact screen material designed specifically for direct impact with minimal bounce back
  • Our Premium Impact Projection Screen is best for indoor usage
  • Three layers of heavy-duty, tight knit, impact resistant polyester
  • Project onto either side. There is no discernible difference.
  • Ships Free!*  Ships rolled on a tube See Shipping Details
    • * Please note Golf Simulator Premium Impact Finished Top-Edge Screens where the shortest dimension exceeds 103.5" would require freight shipping. Unfortunately, freight is not available online. See our Freight Shipping Information, in the FAQ, for more information on obtaining a freight quote. ** International customers can email us the product width and full shipping address, for a shipping quote on 103 inch tall screens. Be sure to include your City, State/Province, Country and Postal Code. *See Shipping Details.

Tip:  Place a short throw projector above your tee or mat, not behind it, to avoid your own shadow on the screen. This product does not include finished edges on the sides or the bottom, nor does it include software or frame components. There are no seams in this screen. We do not recommend folding Premium Impact Screens, as that may cause semi-permanent stubborn folds & wrinkles. Make sure your clubs and golf balls are clean to avoid getting dirt or grass stains on your screen.

Safety Tips:  Please make sure to take proper safety precautions. DO take every precaution; keep children, pets and spectators out of swing range. DO take every precaution to protect ceilings, walls, windows, cars & neighboring homes. Carl's Place is not responsible for damage to property &/or personal injury.

Impact Screen for Golf Simulator

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