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Carl's Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) Projector Screen Material

Quick Overview

Ambient Light Rejecting Projector Screen Material is the absolute best solution for bright, high ambient light environments! Beautifully handles a dark environment, low light and bright light. Provides high contrast, vibrant color, HD, 3D and 4K-— it almost does it all!  
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Price From: $44.95


HOT New Product! Ambient Light Rejecting Projector Screen Material is a high performance front projection material that is specially engineered to perform in the widest variety of lighting situations. No more washed-out images: its highly-specialized surface will maintain excellent contrast levels even in relatively high ambient light, allowing you to see both fine detail in dark scenes and also bright, vibrant colors in brighter scenes, even with the lights on! Its high gain and dark, pewter-gray color make this material the absolute best solution for bright, high ambient light environments.

Key Material Deciding Factors

  • ALR absorbs/diverts ambient light away from the screen to avoid washed out images
  • Fully compatible with all HD formats, including 4K Ultra HD and HDR Ready
  • Works for both Active and Passive 3D when ambient light is controlled
  • Gain of 1.5, Viewing/Seating Angle 80° (40° Left/Right)
  • Tension-mounting on a frame is recommended for best results
  • Not recommended for use with ultra/short throw projectors or edge-blending
  • Project onto the matte finish side which faces the audience, the shiny side is the back
  • Ship Free!* Ships Rolled on a Tube  (Weight/Dimensions)

Tip:  Don’t forget to Buy Black Felt Tape for a professional-looking, contrast-boosting border (sold separately). Also see Our Awesome FAQ. For best results, avoid ambient light coming from the same direction as the projector. This product is currently available in raw material only.

Ambient Light Rejecting Projector Screen Material

What Are Our Customers Saying?

Birgir I."WOW!!!! This is an absolutely awesome screen. And I received amazing service from you guys. The screen came absolutely perfect. Easy to stretch and attach to my frame and with perfectly smooth and wrinkle free surface. I love it. The picture quality is amazing and the 3D is stunning. Regards from Iceland."

Jonathan M."I was originally seeing some hot spots (CNN Photo). But I went through a projector screen calibration and it seemed to take away all the issues I was having. I used the Disney WOW Calibration Disc to optimize to the screen. The changes in brightness, contrast, etc. fixed the hotspot issues and achieved deep black levels. The screen is now functioning wonderfully!"  See the screen here or view the Disney WOW: World of Wonder Calibration Disc (Amazon)

Matt S."The. Screen. Is. Fantastic. In the words of my picky wife "This is over the top -- the screen is too big -- but it looks really good." These pictures are just from my phone, no calibrations/enhancements. I have (4) 60 watt lights turned on, plus (3) x 30 watt lights in the entry way. My projector is on 'bright cinema' with no adjustments at all. I can tell you that it is very easy to tell the difference with the lights on. The ARL looks *MUCH* better than all the other samples. The others are completely washed out when the lights are on. Some pics were taken as dark as I can make my room, with my cellphone. All lights off, but white walls. However, there is 1 picture with the room as *BRIGHT* as I can make it. Love the screen. No complaints about it."  See it here.

Robert V."I recently purchased Carl's Place (ALR) Ambient Light Rejection Material and used it on my DIY screen. First off, I'd like to start by saying that I am pretty new to the projector scene. The projector I am using is an Epson 6030UB and the screen I built has a 133 inch diagonal. The projector has not been calibrated yet. The walls and ceiling in this house are white. As for the screen material, I am super happy with it. It blows my mind how much better this material is than the white screen I had before! The material performs very well even with moderate lighting. When my sliding door was not covered, it did not do as well with sunlight, but with lights on in the room and the white walls, the screen and is still perfectly clear."  See it here.

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