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3D Glasses We Like

Our Best Value Picks for 3D Glasses

While we don't sell 3D glasses we strive to provide you with solutions for all your 3D viewing needs.

There are two types of 3D; Active 3D (most common) and Passive 3D (2 projectors).

  eDimensional Adult Passive 3D Glasses on Amazon
Adult Passive 3D Glasses
SainSonic Active 3D Glasses on Amazon
Adult Active 3D Glasses
Model # B00GTWCBI2 CX-30-A
Brand eDimensional SainSonic
3D Type Passive 3D Active 3D
  Find out more information about Active 3D & Passive 3D.
 Projector Screen Material  ALR, SilverScreen, and ProSilver ALR, FlexiWhite, and UltraWhite 4K
Highlights • Scratch Resistant Lenses
• Thicker/Stronger Plastic
• Portable & Light Weight
• Recharge with micro USB cable
• One Button Operation w/ Auto Shut Off
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Adult Passive 3D Glasses
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Adult Active 3D Glasses
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Example passive 3D projector set up

Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) material is a specialized product for everyday usage, HD & 4K in a brightly lit environment. It also works for both active 3D and with (2) passive 3D projectors when ambient light is controlled.

UltraWhite 4K and FlexiWhite work great for everyday usage, HD &/or Active 3D in a dark viewing environment.

SilverScreen and ProSilver are specialized products for passive 3D movie viewing and is the best solution for the purpose of passive 3D. It is highly reflective and not necessarily meant for everyday usage. Everyday, Non-passive 3D SilverScreen users may experience hotspots when paired with a bright projector.

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