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Black Felt Tape (Contrast-Boosting Border)

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Black Felt Tape adds a professional-looking, contrast-boosting border to your screen!  
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Price From: $29.99


Our Black Felt Tape makes it easy to add an attractive, contrast-boosting velvet border to your wooden fixed frame or wall mounted projector screen. Our Felt Tape is available in widths of 2, 3, or 4 inches. Each roll is 60 feet long, has an adhesive backing and includes a peel-off liner for easy application to your screen. Black Felt Tape also covers the staples giving your projector screen a professional look.

  • Black Felt Border Tape gives your permanently installed projection screen a professional look
  • Perfect for a wooden DIY fixed frame or wall mount application
  • 1 roll of Black Felt Tape is 60-feet long
  • Available in 2, 3 or 4 inch widths
  • Adhesive backing with peel-off liner
  • Non-reflective and light absorbing
  • Contrast-boosting border
  • Looks and feels like velvet
  • Ships Free! *See Shipping Details

Tips:  Do NOT pull on the Felt Tape during application; the tension will put undue stress on the adhesive backing. Black Felt Tape is recommended for use with our raw Projector Screen Materials, but is not needed with Finished Edge Screens or Kits. Black Felt Tape is NOT suitable for outdoor or portable use, roll down applications or golf impact screens.

What Are Our Customers Saying?

Anurag"It really is light absorbing material— Carl's tape completely consumed the light. We don't even realize the image is going outside border. This wasn't the case with my old borders. Now regarding the contrast boosting part— something is very magical about the coloring of this tape- it really is a deep, deep black and makes any kind of projected image look enhanced inside the borders. In sum I would say this is not an ordinary border tape guys and is completely worth the premium price for all those who are hesitating to buy it because of price. In my opinion, it is purpose-built to enhance your movie experience and does it wonderfully. You really have to see its impact in action to believe it."

David & Vallene P."I wanted to email and say how impressed I am! We ordered felt tape for our projector screen on 1/20/15, and we received it on 1/24/15. Very fast shipping. Also the product worked and looks great! Thank you again! I will definitely recommend your products to others!"

Raj S."Makes my DIY screen look very professional. I found it easy to apply to my DIY projector screen."

Sean L."I had more than enough to border my screen. You can't beat the price or quality of what you are getting here."

Thomas W."I tried going without a border on my screen and couldn't stand the bleeding from the projector. What a big difference the black felt tape makes."

Lynette R."So easy and quick to install onto our movie screen. Gave our screen the perfect finishing touch. Tape sticks great."

Tasha W."It's more like velvet than felt. This tape looks great and gives a very professional look to your screen. It sticks well and is easy to work with. Looks sharp!!"