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Carl's Place Blackout Cloth Projector Screen Finished with Black Vinyl Edges and Grommets

Quick Overview

Blackout Cloth is perfect for an entry-level DIY Projector Screen! Our top-selling projector screen material due to its budget-friendly price is Blackout Cloth & its finished edges work great with truss systems..

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Price From: $84.95


Compare Dark Viewing Environment Projector Screen Materials (front-projection)

This Finished Edge Blackout Cloth Screen provides a fantastic value and has reinforced edges with grommets installed which make it easy to install on any truss system or DIY frame. Unlike our other PVC based screens, our Blackout Cloth Screens contain an extra layer of webbing inside the finished edge to give them a heavy duty border.  Viewable Dimensions

Blackout Cloth is our top-selling projector screen material making it a budget-friendly, do-it-yourself screen building favorite! This front projection blackout fabric surface is the standard to which all other screen surfaces are compared. Blackout Cloth’s matte white surface and gain of 1.0 diffuse light in all directions so the image can be seen from any angle. Blackout material is 70% polyester, 30% cotton blend fabric that is coated with multiple layers of thin rubber and is 110" wide. It is suitable for use in a variety of settings with accurate color and clarity in a dark viewing environment where ambient light is controlled. Blackout screen material is best when stretched tightly and evenly to a truss or frame in all four directions. It also works for our tension-mounted Hanging & Standing Kits. You should project onto the smoother side of Blackout Cloth projector screen material. Why buy Blackout Cloth with Finished Edges? Buy Blackout Cloth with Finished Edges for a perfect entry-level, budget-friendly and easy truss system installation!

  • Blackout Cloth with reinforced heavy duty borders
  • Finished vinyl edges with grommets installed
  • Great with any truss system or your DIY frame (View 4" Rule)
  • Perfect for an entry-level, budget-friendly DIY projector screen making it our top seller
  • The front projection standard to which all other screen surfaces are compared
  • Matte white with a gain of 1.0 so the image can be seen from any angle
  • Provides accurate color and clarity in a dark environment where ambient light is controlled
  • Tension-Mount/Stretch Blackout Cloth for best results
  • Works best indoors; 70% polyester, 30% cotton with a rubber coating
  • The smooth side with a rubber coating faces the audience
  • Ships Free!*  Ships folded in a box
    • Blackout Cloth Finished Edge Projector Screens ship folded and cannot ship rolled.  *Handling Time & Delivery
    • To store your screen; make sure it is clean and dry and always fold it loosely, do not roll a finished edge screen.

Tips:  Corner and support Fittings are NOT included with this item. If you are designing your own frame you can purchase corner and support Fittings here. Blackout Cloth screens over 9' tall are considered over-sized and require one Sewn Seam across the center. Also see Our Awesome FAQ.

Blackout Cloth

What Are Our Customers Saying?

Steve S."I just wanted to pass along my compliments on a great product. We set up the screen for a family reunion movie night. I was startled by the clarity and visibility of this screen. We had a sensational outdoor movie experience. Thanks"

Rita F."Just what we wanted! Great quality! It arrived quickly and was easy to set up. We are enjoying!"

Matt B."I wanted to thank you for the quality product and quick shipping. A word to the wise, don't waste your time at the hardware store. Buy the frame kit when you order your screen. EMT parts are ridiculously pricey, and don't configure as well as these fittings do. I spent years working in a hardware store and should have known better. Affordable quality is hard to come by these days. Buy everything you need from Carl's Place, you won't be let down."

Joel T."Easy to hang up and looks great."

Joshua N."I would recommend to anyone creating a DIY theater. I have a 1080p projector and the picture is amazing and razor sharp."

Josh F."I never thought this screen would be light. It is very well put together and durable. The picture looks amazing on it. A must have. I would recommend it to anybody."

Gordon L."I needed a screen that could easily be used and stored. This screen came in a nice bag, and takes little room for storage. The quality is very good, and picture quality is excellent."