5 Ideas for DIY Holiday Stage Design

holiday stage

December is often the busiest season for large venues, especially banquet halls, churches and other houses of worship. It can be surprisingly easy to create a professional-looking holiday stage design quickly and affordably. Impress your guests and create a festive atmosphere with the following ideas.

1. DIY Projection Wall

Using Carl’s Place Rear Projection Material, Cross Point Church in Paola, KS built an impressive projection wall for their stage. With just a few materials and a few hours, you could be on your way to projecting a holiday scene onto an entire wall of your venue. Talk about Christmas magic!

2. Pallet Wood Trees

Pallets are a readily available and budget-friendly building material that can be used for countless DIY projects. Using tools you already own, it’s easy to construct triangle “trees”. Just add some lights and you have a high-impact, low-dollar stage backdrop. Check out this video for inspiration and a step-by-step. Looking for other holiday pallet ideas? Try this DIY nativity manger.

3. Easy-to-Assemble Projector Screen

If you’re in need of a high-quality temporary or mobile holiday stage setup, a DIY Hanging Projector Screen Kit is a great option. You can hang it on a wall, use a DIY Standing Kit, or affix it to trussing like the church in this video. The flexibility of these kits gives you endless options.

4. Coat Hanger Snowflakes

This tutorial walks you through how to make snowflake wall art from inexpensive coat hangers that can be found at most dollar stores. Multiple snowflakes strung together would make a great statement wall that could stay up well after the holidays.

5. All The Lights

Switching your standard stage lights out for red and green will instantly provide that holiday feel. When in doubt, just add twinkle lights. Try twisting low-temperature lights with burlap across an entire backdrop for a dramatic effect.

For even more inspiration, Pinterest is a great place to get design ideas. Check out our holiday pinterest board for some of our favorites.