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Turn your Backyard into the Hottest Venue
Turn your backyard into the hottest venue this season!

You finally pulled the trigger and built your Backyard Theater this summer, but now the nights are getting colder and winter is on its way (for most of you). 

Don’t let the early nights get you down! To us, the short days just mean more time for backyard movies and streaming sports! 

You now have a world of new movies right at your fingertips! Many movies are streaming straight-to-home.

Another benefit of longer nights is Prime Time Sports! They align very well with early nightfall and not-too-cold temperatures in the late fall. Sunday/Monday night football, baseball playoffs, and the NBA is coming around as well. These are hard to do outdoors in the summer because the sun sets so late, but they are awesome experiences for backyard theater in the fall when the sun sets earlier.

Our team has helpful hints to turn your chilly backyard into the hottest venue this winter season!

Prepare your space

Clear off any dry leaves or snow. Pull out your comfy chairs or put blankets over plastic chairs. To combat the cooler temps, we suggest purchasing a few patio heaters. The patio heaters will help keep your guests warm without having to layer up and give your space ambient movie-watching lighting. If you can, start a campfire to really wow your guests and warm that space!

Carl’s Tip: Full-size propane patio heaters are portable. ​Many have small wheels to help you move them, giving them great flexibility in your space.

Protect your equipment

While it’s safe to leave your screen outside for short-term periods of time during the summer, we don’t recommend that for the colder months. Very cold temperatures can make the screen materials brittle, and they will be more susceptible to damage in the cold. Luckily, our bungee-and-grommet finished screens are super easy to put up and take down so you can get your screen put away when you’re not using it! We suggest taking the screen down after each use and storing it in a safe, clean and dry environment. Our FAQ’s walk you through safely storing your theater screen.

Figure out what foods and drinks you want to serve. Ideally, everything will be hot, or contain some warm spice flavor, and easy to prepare.
Tips to keep your guests toasty

Warm their bellies

Figure out what foods and drinks you want to serve. Ideally, everything will be hot, or contain some warm spice flavor, and easy to prepare. We suggest doing your prep work ahead of time, so you can just fire up the grill and start cooking the food. The grill will also keep your guests warm as they wander over to see what’s on the menu. Warm drinks like mulled cider, gingerbread hot chocolate, hot buttered rum and hot toddies will also keep your guests toasty. 

Carl’s Tip: Try grilling pizzas! The best pizza is made in the hottest oven possible and your grill gets hotter than your oven. 

Still on the fence about your own Backyard Theater?

It’s inexpensive (and surprisingly easy!) to build a projector screen at home. Check out this step by step video from one of our awesome customers and get ready to impress your friends this winter season. Carl’s Tip: Make sure to consider these 5 things when choosing a projector.  

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