5 Tips to DIY the Best Backyard Party

backyard with banner decoration for party

Labor Day is fast approaching and what better excuse to host family and friends for an end-of-summer backyard celebration? With just a little DIY inspiration, you can take your average BBQ party to the next level. We’ve rounded up our top five must-haves for DIY-ing a Labor Day gathering your friends and family won’t forget.

Entertain with an outdoor movie on a backyard projector screen.

With a no-hassle install, your backyard theater will quickly become the envy of the neighborhood. Carl’s Tip: Satisfy a crowd of all ages with a double-feature. For instance, show a kids movie first and follow it with a film the grown-ups will love.

Introduce a bit of friendly competition with giant jenga.

No backyard party is complete without a few lawn games and a super sized version of a classic party game is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Carl’s tip:If you want to continue the DIY theme, it’s easy to make this game yourself with a few extra 2x4s. 

Elevate your grill game with an outdoor smoker.

Now, why settle for gas or charcoal when you can impress your friends with something smoked on the menu? Carl’s tip: Trade the store-bought barbecue sauce for a homemade recipe and achieve backyard chef status. This website is our go-to for grilling advice and recipes.

Eliminate unwanted guests with a mosquito lamp.

Nothing ruins an outdoor party faster than a swarm pesky mosquitoes. Carl’s tip: Before your backyard party, spray the yard with a mixture of one part vinegar to two parts water to keep insects at bay.

Keep the kids busy and cool with a backyard water slide.

Finally, as the saying goes, if the kids are bored, just add water. Carl’s Tip: A couple of tarps and a strategically placed sprinkler is a great option in a pinch.

From your DIY experts at Carl’s Place, we hope you enjoy your holiday and time well spent with family and friends.