Halloween Digital Projection Decorations

Digital Halloween Projection

Set up Halloween window projection material over your windows and doors, or in the yard for a hauntingly good time— without a spooky price!

Carl’s Rear Window Projection Material is perfect for AtmosFEARfx Halloween Digital Decorations & AtmosFX Virtual Halloween Window Displays. Safely run your projector from inside your home & project through your window or door, using this Halloween Projection Screen. You’ll have the most popular haunted manor in the neighborhood, at a price that won’t scare your pocketbook. Or just watch a few scary movies in the backyard, but don’t fall asleep or…




Gray rear projector screen material


Our Translucent Gray Rear Window Projection Material works best with a bright projector. It evenly disperses light for realistically rendered images and the gray may add to the spooky Halloween effect. Consider Gray Rear Projection Material, a Screen or Kit for AtmosFX digital decorations such as Ghostly Apparitions, Phantasms, Zombie Invasion, Bone Chillers, Macabre Manor, Shades of Evil, Blood Walls, Triple Thrill Pack and the newly announced Paranormal Passage.


white rear projector screen material


Our Semi-Translucent White Rear Window Projection Material offers a wider viewing angle with fewer chances for hot spots, vivid color and also evenly disperses light for realistically rendered images. Consider White Rear Projection Material, a Window Projection Screen or Kit for digital decorations such as Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree, Tricks and Treats, Witching Hour or UnLiving Portraits, Night Stalkers and Creepy Crawlies.

Our material is 100% Mildew Resistant PVC, heavy-duty, and translucent which provides high HD movie quality. The translucent quality of these window projection materials allows the image to pass through the screen but diffuses the light so that anything directly behind the screen is not clearly visible as it would be if you were looking directly through glass.

Please note: this rear projection screen does NOT have an adhesive backing, is NOT clear or transparent like glass, and is NOT a static window cling.


  • Your screen will work best in a dark viewing environment. Unlike static window clings, a rear projection screen can be used year-round as an indoor/outdoor movie screen for rear or front projection.
  • While your illusion effects can be either rear or front projected, we recommend rear projection. Projecting from the front may cause your Digital Decorations to show up on both your window projection material as well as any objects directly behind it. Seeing double is usually an undesirable effect.
  • Project onto the smooth side of your rear projection film and make sure the projector’s light bulb is not directly behind the screen to keep your Halloween Digital Decorations believable. Then, use keystone correction to focus and shape your image.


  • Our Halloween Rear Projection Screen works great with Standard and HD Halloween Projection Videos.
    • For a photographic DVD our Rear Projection Film is best when stretched tight for a flat, clear, crisp image
    • For a shadow/silhouette DVD hang the screen loosely over your window like a curtain for a ghostlier illusion
  • Make sure all members of your household know NOT to throw this material away. Simply make sure it is clean and dry to store it safely.
  • Unfortunately, we do not carry AtmosFEARfx products. You can shop AtmosFX Digital Decorations on Amazon by clicking the product links on this page.


We recommend visiting HalloweenForum.com for Halloween decor inspiration and helpful discussions. Check out this video for a live walk through of how one of our customers set up multiple projections using our rear film. Lastly, hop over to our Halloween Projections Pinterest Board for even more customer ideas.

Finally, from everyone here at Carl’s Place, we wish you a fun and safe Halloween. Happy haunting and…make sure you have enough candy


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