VIDEO: Life of Bliss – Projector Screen Color Comparison

Is a white or gray screen right for you?

Carl’s top-selling FlexiWhite, FlexiGray, and Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) projector screen materials are tested in different lighting conditions and angles to help you decide which color is right for you.

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If you’d like to perform a similar test at home, these three materials can be found in the Carl’s Place Top-Sellers Sample Pack. For less than $10, you can try these materials in your own space and judge for yourself which screen color is the best match for your needs. Picking a screen material has never been easier!

Many variables including lighting, lighting control and image contrast will impact what color screen is best for you For an in-depth review of lighting and screen color, you’ll want to read this article comparing white and gray screens. For more information on other factors to consider, check out this article on How to Select a Projector Screen Material.

Already know what material is right for you? Making a custom projector screen yourself is completely achievable. We discuss the three primary options in the article, How to Build a Projector Screen at Home.

Finally, for more DIY home theater tutorials, check out the YouTube channel, Life of Bliss.