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Carl's Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit with Impact Screen

Quick Overview

Available in two standard depths and a variety of sizes, our golf simulator enclosure kits offer you an easy way to build a safe place to swing your clubs. Our enclosures feature our full line of popular, proven golf impact screens and an easy do-it-yourself design so you can save thousands by building your own professional-quality golf simulator enclosure with the help of one of our kits.

Be sure to consult the frame specifications table in the details section for actual frame dimensions to be sure your enclosure will fit the space you have available.

Please note, golf simulator enclosure kits are made to order and may require up to 3 business days for manufacturing.   
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Price From: $664.95


Carl's Golf Simulator Enclosure

Carl's Golf Simulator Enclosure with Golf Impact Screen

Our enclosure kits were created to help users with one of the trickiest parts of building a golf simulator: building the enclosure itself. Whether you're building a golf simulator for your home or installing one in a commercial facility, to create the most authentic experience possible you'll want to have a place where the user can swing freely and hit real golf balls into the golf screen. Using fittings provided in this kit and 1" steel electrical metal conduit purchased locally, you'll be able to easily construct a frame of whatever size you need. Attached to this frame, the fabric cover included in the kit serves two purposes. It surrounds your simulator with a tough surface that both shades the screen for a brighter projected image and it catches any shots that miss or bounce off the screen. Finally, each kit includes an impact screen in a material of your choice. With a completed enclosure, you can then provide the swing analyzer and projector of your choice to complete your dream golf simulator.

Carl's Golf Screen EnclosureCarl's Golf Enclosure

5' and 10' Deep Bays

Kits are available in two standard depths to match your style of play. Our low-profile 5' deep sizes are an excellent choice for those golfers with limited space but predictable accuracy, while our full-depth 10' deep sizes will protect your surroundings from even the worst mis-hits while shading the screen surface for a bright projection.

Choose A Golf Screen:

Golf Emclosure with Hitting Screen

Standard Golf Impact Screen

Our Standard impact material is a great choice for those looking to enter the hobby. Its tough surface will stand up to the hardest shots at a reasonable cost.


Golf Emclosure with Golf Simulator Screen

Preferred Golf Impact Screen

The tightly woven fibers that make up our preferred impact material result in a surface that is not only significantly smoother than our standard material but also more resistant to wear. This combination provides an excellent value for home and commercial users alike.


Golf Emclosure with Impact Screen

Premium Golf Impact Screen

Carl's premium impact screens provide the finest projection surface available on a full impact material. Offering the smoothest texture without compromising toughness, our premium impact screens are the best of both worlds.   

All impact screen users should note that these materials are "wearable" products. The style, ability, and frequency of the user will all contribute to the service life of a screen. However, all of our materials have been tested to withstand thousands of strikes at up to 250 miles per hour.

What's Included

• Your choice of golf impact screen
• Black nylon enclosure
• Steel corner fittings for frame construction
• All required 6" ball bungees
• Weight bag for bottom of screen
• Detailed assembly instructions

What's Not Included

• 1" EMT (Electrical Metal Tubing/Conduit) required to complete the frame. EMT steel pipe can be found at any local hardware store such as Home Depot or Lowe's. Your kit will include all details on what lengths and quantities of EMT are required.

Golf Simulator Enclosure Assembly

Carl's Golf Impact Screen Enclosure

Your golf simulator enclosure assembles in just a few easy steps. First, the frame is assembled using fittings provided in your kit along with a few pieces of EMT that you purchase separately at a local store. We'll give you a list of all the sizes you need, and your local electrical supplier might even cut it to length for you. Second, the enclosure cover is secured to the frame using hook-and-loop fasteners and ball bungees; no tools are required. The golf screen is also attached to the frame using ball bungees, and finally, flaps close the gap between the impact screen and enclosure to give you a finished, professional look.


Listing Size 7.7x13 8x8 8x10.5 9x10 9x12 10x10 10x13
Overall Frame Width 163.33 100 130.33 124 146.33 124.75 163.33
Overall Frame Height 95.81 100 100 112 112 124.75 124.75
Overall Frame Depth
5' OR 10' Deep Bay
59.125 59.125 59.125 59.125 59.125 59.125 59.125
118.25 118.25 118.25 118.25 118.25 118.25 118.25
Viewable Screen Width 154.33 91 121.33 115 137.33 115.75 154.33
Viewable Screen Height 86.81 91 91 103 103 115.75 115.75
Viewable Screen Diagonal 177 128 151 154 171 163 192
Aspect Ratio 16:9 1:1 4:3 - 4:3 1:1 4:3

All dimensions are in inches.
Custom sizes are available. Contact us for more information.