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16:9 (6 Sizes: 189 to 257-inch Diag.) Carl's FlexiWhite Raw Material OR Finished Edges (Remnant/Clearance)

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FlexiWhite Projector Screen Material is fantastic for regular & active 3D movies; it’s highly portable and works for indoor/outdoor applications in a dark viewing environment. Due to its versatility FlexiWhite is #1 in customer satisfaction!  
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Disclaimer:  Remnants/Clearance items have slight blemishes, stubborn folds, are lightly soiled, have backward grommets, are an uncommon size or come in an opened box but should generally be OK for projection.

Unfortunately, all clearance items are pre-packaged for shipping so we are unable to indicate the exact defect on any specific item. We can tell you the flaw or defect will be visible and we would never sell anything in poor condition. Remnants/Clearance items are priced in such a way that most customers will be happy with the purchase, including the defect, at the discounted price. However, since clearance items are non-returnable, if a visible defect is going to bother you then you may want to consider brand new which is guaranteed to be flawless. Remnants/Clearance items are Not flawless.

Generally speaking, if you are looking at a product that has "(6) Sizes" in the product title it brand new but has a minor manufacturing defect(s). If the product title lists only one specific size, this is usually a gently used return from a customer.

Remnants/Clearance items are sold as is and are not customizable. Unless specified, this item ships folded in a box and cannot be rolled. Prices are good while supplies last. Remnants/Clearance items are not returnable for refund. All sales are final, no returns.

Please note, we strongly encourage international customers to consider brand new items due to international shipping costs on Remnants and Clearance items.

This movie screen material will NOT withstand the impact of a golf ball.

Compare Dark Viewing Environment Materials (front-projection)

FlexiWhite Projector Screen Material is #1 in customer satisfaction because of its versatility. It works great for both regular and active 3D movie viewing. This premium bright matte white surface and gain of 1.1 means FlexiWhite offers a brighter image when ambient light is controlled. When paired with an HD projector FlexiWhite Projector Screen Material provides a sharp high-definition image because its surface has little to no texture. FlexiWhite Material is perfect for outdoor use; it is made of 100% PVC material and has a mildew resistant coating. FlexiWhite offers great indoor viewing results as well. As its name suggests FlexiWhite is a very flexible and foldable material which makes it highly portable. This front projection screen material requires it be stretched evenly to a truss or frame in all four directions. It also works with our tension-mounted Hanging Kits & Standing Kits. Why buy FlexiWhite Finished Edges with Grommets? Buy FlexiWhite for the versatility of watching both regular & active 3D movies, indoor/outdoor/portable applications, in a dark viewing environment!

  • FlexiWhite is #1 in customer satisfaction because of its versatility
  • Great for both regular and active 3D movie viewing
  • This 100% PVC material is perfect for outdoor use due to its mildew resistant surface
  • Offers great indoor viewing results as well
  • Premium bright matte white surface with gain of 1.1
  • Bright image when ambient light is controlled
  • Works great with HD projected images
  • Flexible and foldable making it highly portable
  • This front-projection material requires tension-mounting
  • Ships folded in a box