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    • Swing analyzer technology typically focuses on tracking the golf club while launch monitor technology focuses on tracking the golf ball. UNEEKOR sensor technology provides accurate data for both the ball spin and the club path.
    • UNEEKOR’s multiple high-speed cameras, used at different angles, create a 3D or stereoscopic rendering which is extremely helpful for visual analysis of club and ball data.
    • The sensor connects to a power source via a power cable, adapter and connector.
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Material Information

  • All of our impact screens are heavy-duty fabrics tested to withstand thousands of strikes at up to 250 miles per hour, exceeding the highest Pro average ball speeds of just over 180mph.  However, like any material, they will show wear.

    Many of our golf screens are used in commercial facilities where they are being struck constantly all day long. Depending on if the screen is being used commercially or in a home, as well as the style, ability, and frequency of the user will all contribute to the service life of a screen.


    The front will always be folded facing in, to protect it, and the back will be facing out. For a long-lasting screen make sure to use the correct side for impact. If you purchased a finished edge screen you can also use the grommets to differentiate the front from the back of your golf screen. The front of the grommet has a smooth, rounded, and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The back of the grommet has a rim or raised ridge along the inner circle.
    Standard Impact Screen:  The raised open weave side with a herringbone pattern faces the audience. The back has straight rows of thread.


    Preferred Impact Screen:  The raised tight-knit side with a herringbone pattern faces the audience. The back has straight rows.


    Premium Golf Impact Screen Material:  The front has very straight rows which face the audience. The back has a very tightly woven squiggle.




  • All of our golf impact screen materials are compatible with 4K/HD projection, though your projector, of course, will need to be capable of projecting a native 4K/HD resolution. Premium impact screens have very little texture and provide the sharpest possible picture for your high-definition and 4K images.

    View a comparison of our golf screens here.

  • All golf impact screens are front projection only.

  • Here at Carl’s Place, we use the words Remnant and Clearance item interchangeably.

    What's Wrong With It?
    Carl’s Place remnants/clearance items may have slight blemishes, stubborn folds, are lightly soiled, have backward or other colored grommets, are an uncommon size, or come in an opened box. All clearance items are pre-packaged for shipping so unfortunately, we are unable to indicate the exact defect on any specific item. We can tell you the flaw or defect will be visible, and we would never sell anything in poor condition.

    Generally speaking, if you are looking at a product that has “(x) Sizes” in the product title it has never been used but has a manufacturing defect of some kind. If the product title lists only one specific size, this is usually a gently used return from a customer.

    What If I Don't Like It?
    Remnants/Clearance items are priced in such a way that most customers will be happy with the purchase, including the defect, at the discounted price. However, since clearance items are sold as-is and non-returnable, if a visible defect is going to bother you then you may want to consider a brand-new product that is guaranteed to be flawless. 

    • Remnants/Clearance items are sold as-is.
    • Remnants/Clearance items are not flawless.
    • Remnants/Clearance items are not customizable.
    • Remnants/Clearance items are not returnable for refund.
    • All sales are final, no returns.

    What Else Do I Need To Know?
    All Golf Impact Screens have the words “Golf” and “Impact” in the title (unfortunately, the rest of our product line will NOT withstand the impact of a golf ball).

    Prices are good while supplies last.

    Unless specified, this item ships folded in a box and cannot be rolled. Please note, we strongly encourage customers outside of the US to consider brand new items due to international shipping costs on Remnants and Clearance items.

Golf Simulator Enclosure Information

  • Our DIY Golf Enclosure kit offers you an easy, entry-level way to build a safe place to swing your clubs and takes the guesswork out of designing your own golf simulator.

    Our PRO Golf Enclosure kit is a higher-end enclosure for top-of-the-line performance in a golf simulator. It’s available in wider, deeper bays with additional safety features providing you with an all-in-one solution perfect for home or commercial use.

    Not sure which one is for you? Check out this article 'DIY vs. Pro' to help you decide.

  • The DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure Kits include:

    • Black nylon enclosure to surround your golf simulator
    • Steel corner fittings to construct the frame joints
    • Impact screen (Choice of Standard, Preferred, or Premium material)
    • Ball bungees to attach the screen to the frame and adjust the amount of tension

    The DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure Kits do not include:

    • EMT steel pipes to complete the frame - these can be added with the optional Pipe Framing Kit Add-On or sources from your local hardware store such as Home Depot or Lowe’s in the electrical section. Your kit will include all the details on what lengths and quantities of EMT are required and your local hardware store might even cut it to length for you, especially if you call in advance.
    • Foam Insert Kit - this optional add-on of memory foam cushions fit behind the screen flaps for extra protection of the frame
    • Net Wall Extensions - this optional add-on provides an additional barrier to keep golf balls in the hitting area



    The Pro Golf Enclosure Kits include:

    • Black nylon enclosure to surround your golf simulator with choice of deeper bays
    • Shot-absorbing memory foam cushions
    • Steel corner fittings to construct the frame joints
    • Triple-layer premium impact screen
    • Ball bungees to attach the screen to the frame and adjust the amount of tension

    The Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kits do not include:

    • EMT steel pipes to complete the frame - these can be added with the optional Pipe Framing Kit Add-On or sources from your local hardware store such as Home Depot or Lowe’s in the electrical section. Your kit will include all the details on what lengths and quantities of EMT are required. Note: Pro Enclosures with Pipe Framing Kits will ship freight. If you cannot unload the pallet of 50lb boxes we recommend you add lift gate service. Tip: Be sure you have access to 2-inch EMT pipe locally before selecting the “No Pipes” option.
    • Safety Baffle - this optional add-on of 12-inch vinyl strips hang from the ceiling to help catch and knock down high-angle shots that might bounce off the screen
    • Projector Mount - universal projector mount to attach your projector to your frame
    • Uneekor Frame Mount - a custom add-on to mount your Uneekor QED or EYE XO to your frame

    View detailed comparison chart.

  • The specifications tab (located on the product page) lists actual frame dimensions to guide you in determining which enclosure is the right fit for your space. The frame will be larger than the listing size. We recommend getting the largest golf simulator enclosure that will fit in the space you have available. This will provide you with the most comfortable space to swing your clubs, as well as, the most safety. 

  • We recommend placing your golf simulator enclosure a minimum of 12-16 inches of buffer space away from the wall, behind the impact screen itself, and approximately 2-4 inches of buffer space away from side walls and ceilings.  For the safety of both the golfer and the screen we recommend standing a minimum distance of 12 to 15 feet away from the screen.  To determine how much space you will need consider a minimum of the enclosure’s:

    • Subtracting 4-inches from the height you have available
    • Subtracting 4-inches from the width you have available (2 inches per side)

    For safety reasons, if you are not using a full enclosure a minimum of 16-18 feet of depth is preferable OR if you are using an enclosure a minimum of 19-20 feet of depth is preferable

    Don’t forget to take into account the:

    • recommended minimum buffer space
    • safe golfing distance away the screen
    • height of the golfer(s)
    • length of the golf club(s)
    • turf thickness, heating ducts and soffits
    • furniture and access to doorways

    Caution:  To decrease your risk of bounce back and greatly reduce the chances of getting hit with a golf ball do *not* stand closer than 10-11 feet away from the screen.  Customers who stand closer will experience bounce back and increase the risk of injury. Again, our recommendation is to stand a minimum 12-15 feet away from the screen for safety.

    Please make sure to take proper safety precautions: 

    • Keep children, pets and spectators out of swing range
    • Protect ceilings, walls, windows, cars & neighboring homes
  • Our DIY Golf Simulator Enclosures require 1-inch EMT (Electrical Metal Tubing/Conduit). You can either add the Pipe Framing Kit to your order OR source EMT steel pipe locally at a hardware store such as Home Depot or Lowe’s. Your kit will include all details on what lengths and quantities of EMT are required. 

    Our Pro Golf Enclosures require 2-inch EMT.  You have the option of buying this pipe with your kit or buying it separately.  However, it can be difficult to source locally.  Be sure you can purchase it near you before making your final buying decision.  If you buy it from Carl’s Place, we will pre-cut and pre-mark the pipes for you so all you have to do is assemble your kit.  If you choose to buy it elsewhere, we will provide a diagram indicating the required cut lengths for your specific size kit.

    Pro Enclosure orders with a 'Pipe Framing Kit' ship freight. If you are unable to unload a pallet of 50lb boxes, you should add lift gate service.  If you are outside of the US, freight shipping the Pipe Framing Kit may be cost-prohibitive.

  • DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure Kits assemble in just a few easy steps and will take approximately 45-60 minutes depending on the size. Of course, it goes a bit faster if you have a helper.


    However, please plan for approximately 3 hours to assemble our Pro Golf Enclosure Kits.


  • Our golf enclosure kits are made to order (which is why we can customize them down to the inch!). We make sure they are measured, sewn, and packed perfectly before they are ready to ship.

    Since our golf simulator screens and enclosures are made to order, production lead time may fluctuate based on volume.

    To see the expected shipping and delivery times, please add the item to your cart and enter your shipping information. Our shipping calculator will show you the most up-to-date product lead time.

  • The black nylon is not designed to take a direct hit from a golf ball. However, if you hit the white impact screen, and it bounces and hits the black nylon, you should not experience any issues.

  • We can easily make you a replacement screen to save you money. Replacement screens can be ordered by contacting one of our Customer Service Team Members. You can also call us at 608-352-0002.

    You can also check out our Clearance section to see if you can snag a deal on a replacement golf screen that fits your setup.

    Learn more information about extending the life of your golf screen and troubleshooting bounce back tips.

Technical Information

  • Aspect ratio simply refers to the shape of the image being projected. When the ratio of the projector, image, and screen match the image fills the entire screen and you will not see black masking bars.

    An aspect ratio of 4:3 has the shape of a CRT TV, and a 16:9 has the shape of a flat screen TV. The 4:3 is very common for golf simulators because it allows you to go taller, giving you more room to swing, without needing a wider room. If space allows the 16:9 is great for 4K and HD images, but be aware if you are tall or have limited room depth that this option may be too short for you to swing a golf club. The 16:10 is an aspect ratio mostly used for computer displays and tablet computers. These days it’s somewhat uncommon for projection, but with some effort it should be possible to find a projector capable of this ratio.

    For some customers, the projected image is secondary while the safety of the surrounding area is the priority. Selecting a size where the aspect ratio is non-standard, so that it fits your space, is also an option. Just be aware the image will not fill the entire screen if you are using it for projection and the black masking bars will be visible.

    The 1:1 is a square and is not a standard aspect ratio for projectors, but may work if space is limited, although it increases the chances of seeing black bars and you will likely have to adjust the settings on your computer. Adjusting the settings on your computer may be difficult for most customers unless you are very technically savvy.

  • Most customers who purchase a finished edge impact screen use our 6-inch black ball bungees

    Remember to fasten it in such a way that the screen or material has some give. For example, do not bolt the material through the grommet holes as it does not allow enough movement to absorb each golf ball strike and you risk the ball ricocheting back at you. Do not put tension on the screen; you need to allow for some movement.

  • Our grommets have an outer dimension of 3/4″ and an inner dimension of 3/8″.

  • Insert the bungee cord through the grommet hole from behind the screen. The ball now touches the backside of the black vinyl border. Pull the cord over and around the frame/or 1-inch EMT pipe. Lastly, loop the cord over the ball behind the screen.

    Note: For Our Golf Enclosure Kits - Ball bungees are included with our golf enclosure kits to attach the grommeted impact screen to the frame. You will receive enough bungees to create a relatively tight screen. Depending on how close you're hitting to the screen, ball speed, clubs used, and spin rates, you may not need them all to find your sweet spot between tension and slack. A screen with too much slack leads to poor projected images and can cause accelerated wear. A screen that is too tight will allow balls to bounce back at a higher rate of speed than desired.

    Our enclosures are designed with flexibility in mind so you can add or remove ball bungees as needed, to achieve your desired amount of tension.

Care and Use Information

  • Yes. Please make sure to take proper safety precautions. Do take every precaution; keep children, pets, and spectators out of swing range. Do take every precaution to protect ceilings, walls, windows, cars & neighboring homes. Carl’s Place is not responsible for damage to property &/or personal injury.

  • For the safety of both the golfer and the screen, we recommend standing a distance of 12-15 feet or more away from the screen.

  • Factors that determine the amount of bounce back will be; how you have chosen to hang/install the screen, the distance you are standing from the screen, the strength you hit the ball and the club you are using. If the screen is draped loosely, and not stretched tight, you should experience minimal to no bounce back at all. Mount the screen in such a way that allows it to “give” enough to absorb the strike and it should almost stop the ball completely.

    Caution:  To decrease your risk of bounce back and greatly reduce the chances of getting hit with a golf ball do *not* stand closer than 10-11 feet away from the screen.  Customers who stand closer will experience bounce back and increase the risk of injury. Our recommendation is to stand a minimum 12-15 feet away from the screen for safety.

  • Minimal bounce back is to be expected in the indoor golf industry, but there are several things you can do to reduce bounce back. This article 'Troubleshooting Impact Screen Bounce-Back' walks you through everything you need to know.

  • Temporarily, yes. We suggest removing your screen material from the shipping package immediately upon receipt. When a product ships folded in a box or if you leave your screen in long-term storage, you will see fold marks when the material is first pulled out of the box, as any textile will have.

    Time, screen weight and gravity will relax fold marks after the impact screen has been installed.  This process may take a few days or up to a few weeks depending on how long the screen was left folded.

  • Carl’s Place is not responsible for damage to material caused by ironing. Customers have been successful in removing wrinkles and fold marks from their screens using a clothes iron on a VERY LOW setting. Do so only on the backside of the material.

  • Check out this article for all our recommendations on 'How to Clean Your Golf Impact Screen'.

  • Our golf impact screens are recommended for indoor use only.

  • Always make sure your screen is completely clean and dry before storing to avoid spots, mold or mildew.

    If you plan to repeatedly fold and unfold your screen, do so loosely. Long-term storage and tight folds may take a few days or even a few weeks to relax.

    Carl’s Place is not responsible for damage to or resulting from screens that are not stored responsibly.

  • Golf hitting mats help protect your joints from the impact of your swing. They also let you have a more realistic golf practice.

    What size golf mat do I need?

    A golf mat size of 4'x5' will let most golfers swing a driver with their heels comfortably on the edge of the mat. A larger size, up to 4.25' x 9.5', would be able to accommodate golfers swinging either rightie or leftie.

Projector Information

  • If you just getting started looking for a projector, there are 5 key factors when choosing one.

    1. Resolution (The native resolution also determines the aspect ratio of the projector.)
    2. Brightness
    3. Throw distance
    4. Brand reputation
    5. Convenient Extras (like wireless connectivity)

    Once you know the basics, check out some customer favorite projectors for golf simulators.

    Did you know Carl's Place also carries a line of top-selling projectors?

     Shop Projectors

  • The projector itself will determine the maximum image size and how far from the screen it will need to be mounted.  The space between the screen and the projector is called throw distance, we have a helpful article that talks through golf projector terminology.

    Most people use one of two mounting options after purchasing one of our golf screens.

    1. Place a short-throw projector above your tee or mat, not behind it, to avoid your own shadow on the screen.
      • Flush-mount to your ceiling in spaces with lower ceilings
      • Drop-mount from your ceiling in spaces with higher ceilings
      • Frame-mount from your Carl's Place PRO Enclosure
    2. Place a projector on the floor inside the golf simulator.  Of course, if you floor-mount your projector you must build or buy a protective cover to keep it safe from golf balls and clubs.

Carl's Place Information

Custom Options

  • Yes! Simply contact us with the frame dimensions and screen material and we’ll do the rest.

    1. Provide the enclosure’s:  height x width x depth
    2. Tell us which golf screen material you’d like
    3. City, state/province, country & postal code (for a shipping quote)

    While we can make a custom size, we cannot make a custom-shaped enclosure.  For example, we cannot make an enclosure that is 10 feet deep on one side and only 5 feet deep on the other.

  • Yes, please contact us for a quote.

    Be sure to indicate:

    1. The outer dimensions using inches
    2. Raw material or finished with black vinyl edges and grommets
    3. Standard, Preferred or Premium impact material (Max height 120-inches)
    4. City, State/Province, Country & Postal Code (for a shipping quote)

    In an effort to keep prices low for all our valued customers, Carl’s Place reserves the right to charge up to a 50% restocking fee on exchanges or returns on customized screens. Custom screens must be returned in like-new condition and shipping fees, if any, are non-refundable.

  • We can make a custom screen of any width, but the maximum height is 120-inches. All impact screens are seamless. Please contact us for a quote. 

  • Yes, please contact us for a quote.  Non-standard customization may take up to several weeks to make plus delivery time.

    Be sure to indicate and include:

    1. A detailed diagram/drawing including detailed outer dimensions using inches
    2. The desired impact screen material; standard, preferred or premium (max height 120-inches)
    3. Where is the flap, hem or sleeve located (top, side(s), bottom)?
      • How big are the flaps, hem and/or sleeve (1-inch, 1-foot, sleeve to hold a shock cord or 1-inch pipe)?
    4. Is the non-adhesive Velcro® sewn onto the front or the back?
      • Is the Velcro black or white?
      • Is it located at the top/bottom and/or left/right?
      • Do you need 1-inch or 2-inch?
      • Do you need the hook/rough side or loop/smooth side?
      • Do you need the companion side of the Velcro?  (adhesive or non-adhesive)
      • NOTE:  You need to allow for some movement of the screen
      • NOTE:  We cannot run adhesive Velcro through our sewing machines
    5. City, state/province, country & postal code for a shipping quote

How-To and How-Not-To Tips

  • The easiest answer is to shop one of our golf simulator enclosure kits where we design it for you and all you have to do is assemble it according to our detailed instructions.  If you are looking to design your own solution - keep reading.

    Golf Screen Installation Options

    Depending on where you plan to install your golf impact screen you have a variety of installation options. Some customers who plan to use it in their garage or barn simply hang the screen from the rafters and allow it to hang loosely. Commercial settings and customers building indoor golf simulators often require additional safety features and use baffle nets or full golf simulator enclosures. Alternatively, some customers are somewhere in between these two options and build a hitting cage from which to hang it.

    Hanging your golf screen to your personal satisfaction may require some trial and error. The trick is to hang it flat for a nice image, but not tight or you risk the ball ricocheting back at you. Do not put tension on the screen; you need to allow for some movement.

    If you are building a golf enclosure, hitting cage, or frame you have the option to get a screen that is the same size as your frame which provides the material a little additional slack.

    However, some customers do not care for the additional slack/draping of the material and choose a screen that is slightly smaller than their framework. Additionally, you may prefer the impact screen fit a specific height, while others prefer additional height and allow the screen to drape on the ground at the bottom and assist in ball return. There is no right or wrong answer, only personal preference.

    Keep in mind, if you are using a framework of any kind and you prefer to avoid slack/draping of the material, we generally recommend the 2-inch guideline. The 2-inch guideline is to make sure the framework is no more than 2 inches wider than your screen. Conversely, make sure the screen is no more than 2 inches smaller than the width of your framework. This means a maximum of 4-inches (or 2-inches per side). Again, the trick is to hang your golf screen flat for a nice image, but still allow for some movement.

  • We recommend mounting your golf impact screen a minimum of 12-16 inches away from the wall, just to be safe. If you are really good and hit the ball hard you may want to increase this distance. This is also true if you build a Golf Simulator Enclosure or Hitting Cage. Make sure the screen is a minimum of 12-16 inches away from any support poles or you risk the ball ricocheting back at you. Do not put tension on the screen, you need to allow for some movement.

  • We do not advise placing grommets directly into the material. Which is why we offer finished vinyl edged screens with grommets installed.

  • EMT stands for Electrical Metal Tubing, also known as, Electrical Metal Conduit.

    Carl's Place Enclosure Kits require EMT to assemble your frame. You have the option to add a Pipe Framing Kit to either your DIY Golf Enclosure Kit or your Pro Golf Enclosure Kit from Carl's Place. Or you can source EMT pipes at your local building supply store such as Home Depot or Lowes.

    Our DIY Enclosure requires 1″ EMT. Our Pro Enclosure requires 2" EMT which can be more difficult to find. Make sure you have a source for your EMT when selecting whether you want to add on our Pipe Framing Kit options.

    PVC pipes will not work with our Fittings.

Ordering Information

  • Volume Discounts
    Volume discounts may be available for those buying in bulk. Contact us regarding your large volume project requirements.

    Wholesale Program 
    Partner with Carl's Place to bring the highest quality indoor golf equipment to your customers. Apply to our reseller program for more information.

    Affiliate Program
    Carl’s Place offers an affiliate program where you can earn a commission for online orders sent from your website or internet content to our website when it results in a sale on eligible products. Review the affiliate program, then create an account on and follow the steps to apply to be an affiliate.

  • We believe we can help you build a golf simulator you will love at a price you can afford. We do that by offering best-in-class customer support, as well as sourcing and manufacturing products that we want to use, at prices we want to pay. We do not do that by inflating our prices and hiding discounts for your tech-savvy kid to scope out on mass coupon sites. Read more about how to save at Carl's Place.


Technical Support and Return Policy

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