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Carl's Place FlexiGray Projection Screen Finished with Black Vinyl Edges and Grommets

Quick Overview

FlexiGray Projector Screen Material is amazing for a highly portable, indoor/outdoor application in low ambient light and its finished edges bungee easily to any truss system..

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Price From: $89.95


Compare Projector Screen Materials for Ambient Light (front-projection)

This Finished Edge FlexiGray Screen has edges wrapped in vinyl with grommets installed making it easy to install on any truss system or DIY frame.  Viewable Dimensions

FlexiGray Screen Material is a premium matte, high contrast gray/grey (Gain 0.8) surface which offers a brighter image and greater contrast with deeper blacks in environments with low ambient light concerns. It works best with a bright projector (2,000+ lumens). When paired with an HD projector FlexiGray Projector Screen Material provides a sharp high-definition image because its surface has little to no texture. FlexiGray is perfect for outdoor use; it is made of 100% PVC material and has a mildew resistant coating. It offers great indoor viewing results as well. As its name suggests FlexiGray is a very flexible and foldable material which makes it highly portable. FlexiGray front projection screen material is best when stretched tightly and evenly to a truss or frame in all four directions. It also works with our tension-mounted Hanging & Standing Kits. Why buy FlexiGray Finished Edges with Grommets? You need an indoor/outdoor screen which is highly portable; you have low ambient light in your viewing environment and require easy installation onto your truss system!

  • FlexiGray with Finished Edges & Grommets Installed
  • Great with any truss system or your DIY frame (View 4" Rule)
  • FlexiGray is a premium matte, high contrast gray front-projection screen material
  • Offers a brighter image and greater contrast with deeper blacks in environments with low ambient light concerns
  • This 100% PVC material is perfect for outdoor use due to its mildew resistant surface
  • FlexiGray (approx. 0.8 - 1.0 Gain) works best with a bright projector (2,000+ lumens)
  • Offers great indoor viewing results as well
  • Works great with HD projected images
  • Flexible and foldable making it highly portable
  • Tension-mount this seamless screen for best results
  • Ships Free!*  Ships folded in a box
    • FlexiGray Finished Edge Projector Screens ship folded and cannot ship rolled.  *Handling Time & Delivery
    • To store your screen; make sure it is clean and dry and always fold it loosely, do not roll a finished edge screen.

Tips:   Corner and support Fittings are NOT included with this item. If you are designing your own frame you can purchase corner and support Fittings here. Also see Our Awesome FAQ.

What Are Our Customers Saying?

Mike L."WOW, ya’ll are good! This is the third large screen kit I’ve ordered from Carl’s. LOVE the product and the service I receive. I always recommend your website when I’m asked about screens. Thank you for being a confident “go to” for our visual needs."

Jackson H."I purchased the largest screen you sell. We ended up leaving it up for over 3 week with no issues at all. It rained a few times, but it was weather resistant. I am very happy with this purchase."

Joy M."As advertised. Arrived as ordered and on time, fit my frame perfectly; now I have a professional-looking projector screen!"