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Carl's FlexiGray Projector Screen Material (4K, HD, High Contrast Gray, Low Ambient Light, Tension-Mounted, DIY Projector Screen)

Quick Overview

Churches and low light home theaters are two examples of the perfect setting for Carl's FlexiGray Projector Screen Material. Its high contrast gray adds deeper blacks and contrast in low ambient light environments when your projector is competing with the light in the room.

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Price From: $11.95


Compare Projector Screen Materials for Ambient Light (front-projection)

FlexiGray Projector Screen Material is a premium matte, high contrast gray/grey surface which offers brighter images with greater contrast and deeper blacks in environments with low ambient light concerns. Home theaters and churches using a bright projector (2,000+ lumens) are just two examples of great use for this projector screen material. When paired with an HD or 4K UHD projector FlexiGray Projector Screen Material provides a sharp high-definition image because its surface has little to no texture. Additionally, its black backing prevents light from passing through from behind the screen. FlexiGray front projection screen material works best for a wooden fixed frame where it will be pulled tightly and evenly in all four directions; for a flat, clear, crisp image. Install this material using the wrap or non-wrap technique seen on our how to page. It also works with our tension-mounted Finished Edge Screens, Hanging & Standing Kits. FlexiGray Material is made of 100% PVC and has a mildew resistant coating which is easy to clean. Why buy FlexiGray? You have low ambient light in your viewing environment which is competing with your projector and plan to build a wooden fixed frame to tension-mount this screen material like an artist canvas.

  • FlexiGray is a premium matte, high contrast gray front-projection screen material
  • Offers greater contrast with deeper blacks in environments with low ambient light concerns
  • FlexiGray (Approx. Gain 0.8 - 1.0) works best with a bright projector (2,000+ lumens)
  • Works great with HD or 4K projected images because its surface has little to no texture
  • Tension-mount on a wooden fixed frame for best results like an artist canvas
  • Provides a black backing to prevent light penetration
  • Ships Free!* Ships folded in a box
  • Weight/Dimensions | Handling Time, Delivery & Returns
    • FlexiGray Projector Screen Material ships folded by default, however, select sizes have a packaging option to ship rolled on a tube for an additional fee. In the DIY market there is a wide range of comfort levels, skill sets and abilities. If you are at all concerned about folds and wrinkles you may want to consider ordering your material rolled, if available. Please note screens where the shortest dimension exceeds 116 inches in the lower 48 United States, or 105 inches outside the continental USA, would require freight shipping which is not available online. See our Freight Shipping Information, in the FAQ, for more information on obtaining a freight quote. Be sure to include the (1) product size, (2) your City, (3) State/Province, (4) Country and (5) Postal Code. *Handling Time and Delivery Time

Tip:  Designers and DIY enthusiasts alike can choose from multiple sizes and prices perfect for any custom-look, space and budget. If you plan to wrap the material around the frame and staple it on the back of your frame you may need to order a slightly larger cut of material or build your frame slightly smaller than the cut of fabric you decide to purchase. If you plan to use the non-wrap technique and staple the material to the front of your frame, to use the fabric cut to the fullest, consider buying Black Felt Tape to cover your staples and give yourself a professional-looking, contrast-boosting border (sold separately). While FlexiGray could be used for active 3D, it is our opinion you will see more pop from FlexiWhite in a dark viewing environment. Also see Our Awesome FAQ.

What Are Our Customers Saying?

Matthew C."This material was easy to install and with the help of the online tips I was able to get the right size and color for my room. It looks great!"

K. C."This material works great for my screen. High contrast gray makes the colors pop. The whole project was less than $200 but you would never know it."

Rita S."Good movie screen. Everyone enjoyed it."

Nathaniel C."Fast Shipping, Awesome Screen, Perfect Experience, A++"

Joe B."This material is excellent for someone to get a screen up on their wall for a couple hundred bucks. You will need a sturdy frame to stretch the material over the frame and not have the frame buckle. Give it a go! I think I had $45 into the frame materials and $130 into the screen material and it is wonderful."