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Carl's Preferred Golf Impact Screen with Finished Edges & Grommets, Golf Simulator Hitting Screen

Quick Overview

Experienced golfers can build a golf simulator screen with Carl's Preferred Impact Screens which withstand direct golf ball impact with minimal bounce back, have improved durability, image clarity and noise reduction.

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 • Learn more about Preferred Impact Screens in the "Details" section below.

Please note, preferred golf impact screens finished with black vinyl edges and grommets are made to order and may require up to 3 business days for manufacturing.   
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Price From: $289.95


Golf Impact Screen Comparison Chart (Standard, Preferred or Premium)

NEW! Carl's Preferred Impact Screen with Finished Edges and Grommets is exactly what the experienced golfer needs to improve their golf game! Our finished edges make for easier installation. This golf hitting screen material is designed and tested to withstand direct impact from the fastest moving golf balls and with minimal bounce back. This hitting screen passes testing with real golf balls up-to 250MPH. Carl's white, front-projection, impact screen fabric provides a clear image that looks like the actual fairway. Turn your garage, barn, backyard or any space large enough to swing a golf club into a driving range and train all year-round with your very own DIY hitting screen. Our very durable Preferred Golf Simulator Screen is made of heavy-duty, tightly woven, impact resistant polyester with silicone reinforcement and is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Preferred hitting screen material also has improved noise reduction over our standard material option. Why buy Carl's Preferred Golf Simulator Impact Screen? Our preferred impact resistant projection screen is the perfect choice for the experienced golfer to build a golf simulator screen which will withstand direct golf ball impact, with minimal bounce back, to improve your swing. It also offers improved durability, image clarity and noise reduction over our standard impact material option.

  • Preferred Golf Impact Finished Edge Screens are designed specifically for direct impact with minimal bounce back
  • This front-projection, white screen provides a very clear image which looks like the actual fairway
  • Experienced golfers; practice your golf swing indoors or outdoors with our hitting net fabric
  • Tightly woven knit construction, 100% heavy-duty polyester with silicone reinforcement
  • Finished black vinyl edges and grommets make it easy to install in no time
  • Improved durability and noise reduction over our standard material option
  • Well tested durable and impact resistant screen/golf net
  • Passes testing with real golf balls up-to 250 MPH
  • Hang your golf hitting net flat but loosely and anchor on all four sides
  • Project onto the raised tight knit side with a herringbone pattern
  • Not recommended for commercial use; Buy Premium Impact Screens for commercial settings
  • Ships Free!*  Ships folded in a box  (Weight/Dimensions)

Tips:  Place a short throw projector above your tee or mat, not behind it, to avoid your own shadow on the screen. This product does not include software or frame components. There are no seams in this screen. Learn more about Projection Industry (8 sizes) vs Golf Industry options (all remaining sizes) in our Golf FAQ. Do NOT use a golf ball with Sharpie marker on it and make sure your clubs and golf balls are clean to avoid getting dirt or grass stains on your screen. Additional tips for hanging and installation can be found in our FAQ.

Safety Tips:  Please make sure to take proper safety precautions. DO take every precaution; keep children, pets and spectators out of swing range. DO take every precaution to protect ceilings, walls, windows, cars & neighboring homes. Carl's Place is not responsible for damage to property &/or personal injury.

Impact Screen for Golf Simulator

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