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Carl's DIY Hanging Projector Screen Kit (Outdoor Projection Screen, Portable Projection Screen)

Quick Overview

Carl's Hanging DIY Projector Screen Kits include: 1 Finished Edge Screen, Corner/Support Fittings, Bungees and Assembly Instructions. Choose from several projector screen materials and sizes to build the perfect hanging DIY Projector Screen.

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Price From: $119.95


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Carl's Place Hanging DIY Projector Screen Kits take the guess work out of building a projection screen and put fast & easy in its place. No need to already know how to build a projector screen – we show you how without the hassle! These kits make great portable projection screens. Choose from several materials and sizes in the drop down menu under the images.

Hanging/Portable Projection Screen
Kits Include:

Tip:  Kits do NOT include the required 1" EMT pipe/poles due to the impracticality of shipping. Instead, you can find EMT at your local hardware or building supply store. Hanging Projection Screen Kit instructions detail the exact number of pipes needed & at what lengths, as well as, how to assemble your Hanging Projector Screen Kit. Just a reminder, bungee cords are included, but feel free to purchase extra 6" Black Ball Bungees if you plan to customize your kit. Also see Our Awesome FAQ.

Currently, Rear Projection Film in this frame style only comes in the two smaller sizes due to the support poles in the back of larger sizes which would cast a shadow on a rear projected image. For additional Rear Projection Film Kit Options see our new Truss Style Frame Kits.

Portable Projection Screen

What Are Our Customers Saying?

John M."All of this looks AWESOME! Thanks again for all of your help; we're all very excited to put this gigantic awesome screen to use! We have some competitive neighbors, you should see their faces. LOL"

Rita S."Thick material, well-made with good bungee cords. We set it up for late summer night movies and everyone enjoyed it. Our FlexiGray screen is easy to take down and put away."

Seth C."Great screen. I would recommend my FlexiWhite Kit!!"

Paul B."I enjoy watching sports on my super big screen."

Kanu H."The finished Blackout Cloth screen came out amazing; it's like a mini theater screen at home. I am extremely happy with it. I am glad I bought this screen."

Kevin B."This Blackout Cloth Kit is amazing for the price. It is capable of excellent picture quality (depending on your projector). One additional set of hands makes it a snap to put up and take down. It's super high quality and great for backyard movie night."

David C."Excellent screen and great quality. The hardware is of equal quality; strong metal corners and excellent bungees. Made for a nice tight square screen! I used my Kit with a 1080P projector in the backyard at night and the picture was simply beautiful! Big! Bright! Beautiful!"