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Carl's Oversize 9% Micro Perforated Acoustic FlexiWhite Welded Seam Screen (Over 10.5' Tall) Sound Transparent

Quick Overview

Acoustic FlexiWhite has all the great properties of Carl's FlexiWhite plus its sound transparent so audio passes through when speakers are placed behind the screen. It's 9% micro perforation is perfect for backyard theater and large venues. This material works best when tension-mounted/pulled tight and evenly in all four directions like a drum or trampoline.

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Please note, welded seam screens are made to order and may require up to 10 business days for manufacturing.   
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Compare Sound Transparent Projector Screen Materials (front-projection)

Large Venue– Oversize Welded Seam Projection Screens

  • Acoustic FlexiWhite Welded Seam Screens allow you to build the largest screen possible for your stage or event
  • Oversize screens have a discreet, strong and extremely durable welded seam across the center (* View Welded Seam *)
  • Make sure your frame is sturdy enough so the frame does not bow or twist once the screen has been tension mounted

Product Options– Choose from:

Acoustic FlexiWhite Projector Screen Material:

  • 9% Micro Perforated Acoustic FlexiWhite is perfect for backyard theater and large venues
  • Hides your audio equipment behind your movie screen
  • Offers clear, crisp, HD images and/or Active 3D (Active 3D Glasses)
  • Works best in a dark viewing environment, such as a movie theater
  • Bright matte white with a gain of 1.1 which features bright, vivid color
  • Front-projection with a viewing angle of 180° (90° +/- Left/Right)
  • Tension-mount/pull tight and evenly in all four directions like a drum or trampoline
  • Project onto the white side, its black backing prevents light from passing through the screen
  • This material is a high-tech 100% PVC product
  • Indoor, outdoor, portable and mildew resistant

Projector Info

  • Compatible with standard or short throw projectors
  • Best when the minimum throw distance is 0.2 times the width of the image
  • Minimum of 1800 Lumens Recommended


  • This item will not work for rear projection
  • Not recommended for a wall mount or a roll down application

Shipping and Returns

  • Welded Seam Screens are made to order & may take 2-4 business days per screen (Mon-Fri)
  • Ships Free!* Ships Folded in a Box and Cannot be Rolled
  • Delivery Time and Return Information


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