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Mosquito Spray for Outdoor Theaters

Intermission Films Didn't Forget the Mosquito Spray— & Neither Should You

Protect yourself from mosquito-borne illnesses and that pesky itch.

Watching a drive-in movie in a convertible on a warm summer night was a fun night out, back in the day. However, it was not without its drawbacks. One problem was those nasty mosquitoes. These bloodsuckers can ruin anyone's night. One of the enemies of the drive-in theater (or your own backyard theater) was and always will be the mosquitos. Here in this vintage drive-in ad, we were introduced to Pic Mosquito Repellent which offered "a pleasant aroma for you... but NOT for mosquitos."

While we don't sell mosquito spray we strive to provide you with solutions for all your backyard theater needs.
Here are the top three repellents this season:

No more sleepless nights or mosquito bites!  It's Showtime Folks!

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