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Projection Calculator Pro

Find the Best Screen Size to Match Your Projector

Projection Calculator Pro:  Use Projector Central's calculator to find the best screen size to match your projector and the space you have available. Matching the projector's native aspect ratio and the screen's aspect ratio will ensure the image fills the entire screen. We often recommend buying a projector before buying your screen. Don't own a projector yet? No problem. See Carl's 1080p, 720p and low-definition model projector recommendations here. OR See Carl's Short Throw projector recommendations, for golf impact screens, here.


  1. Select Your Projector's Manufacturer (i.e. Epson)
  2. Select Your Projector's Model (i.e. Home Cinema 2000)
  3. Select Your Projector's Native Aspect Ratio (16:9)
  4. Adjust the Throw Distance Slider (Distance from Projector to Screen)
    Adjust the Image Size Sliders (Screen's Diagonal, Width or Height)

The calculator will recommend the best screen size for your viewing environment based on these parameters.