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Projection Screen Kits

Carl's Place Hanging & Standing Projection Screen Kits

Portable, Outdoor DIY Projector Screen Kits |
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Make Your Own Projection Screen

Carl's Place Hanging or Standing DIY Projector Screen Kits take the guess work out of making a projection screen and put convenience in its place. No need to already know how to make a projector screen - we show you how build an outdoor projector screen without the hassle! Your backyard theater will be the envy of the neighborhood. Choose from several projector screen materials and sizes!

Indoor/Outdoor Projection Screen
Kits Include:

Tip:  Kits do NOT include the required 1” EMT pipe/poles due to the impracticality of shipping. Instead, you can find EMT at your local hardware or building supply store for approximately $5-$7 per 10' length. Projection Screen Kit instructions detail the exact number of pipes needed and at what lengths, as well as, how to assemble your Projector Screen Kit.

Important: We sell projection screens and golf impact screens. The products on this page will NOT withstand the impact of a golf ball. See our Golf Impact Screens here.

Outdoor Projection Screen
DIY Backyard Theater by Donnie C. | Aiken, SC (01/20/14)
Portable Projection Screen
DIY Backyard Theater by Gordy B. | Sanford, FL (03/31/13)

Carl's Place is the Internet's Leading DIY Resource for Quality Outdoor Projector Screens at a Great Low Price!

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