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Carl's Rear Projection Screen Truss Style Hanging Kit (Portable Projection Screen, Outdoor Rear Projection Screen)

Quick Overview

Carl's Rear Projection Film Truss Style Frame Kit includes: 1 Finished Edge Screen, Corner/Support Fittings, Bungees and Assembly Instructions.

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Price From: $269.95


Compare Carl's Rear Projection Film Materials

Rear Projection Film Truss Style Frame Kits place the frame support around the outside of the frame. Therefore, you will not have any support pole shadows on your rear projected image. These Truss Style Hanging Projector Screen Kits take the guess work out of building a projection screen and put fast & easy in its place. No need to already know how to build a projector screen – we show you how without the hassle! These Rear Projection Kits make great portable projection screens. Available in 6 sizes and with Gray or White Rear Projection Film options!

Rear Projection Film Options:

  • Select Gray Rear Projection Film for a dark to low light environment and a narrower viewing/seating angle
  • Select White Rear Projection Film for a dark environment, wider seating angle & rear or front projection versatility

Carl's Hanging Truss Style Frame
Projection Screen Kits Include:

Tip:  Kits do NOT include the required 1" EMT pipe/poles due to the impracticality of shipping. Instead, you can find EMT at your local hardware or building supply store. Hanging Truss Frame Projection Screen Kit instructions detail the exact number of pipes needed & at what lengths, as well as, how to assemble your Hanging Truss Frame Projector Screen Kit. Just a reminder, bungee cords are included, but feel free to purchase extra 6" Black Ball Bungees if you plan to customize your kit. Also see Our Awesome FAQ.

See our original frame design 5x9 and 6.75x9 Ft Rear Projection Frames here.

Carl's Truss Style Frame Kits

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