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69x126 Carl's White Rear Projection Film Projector Screen Material (Remnant/Clearance)

Quick Overview

White Rear Projection Film is great for a wider viewing angle, dark environment and if you need the versatility to project from both the front and the back of your screen!  
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Regular Price: $84.95

Special Price $50.97


Disclaimer:  Remnants/Clearance items have slight blemishes, stubborn folds, are lightly soiled, have backward grommets, are an uncommon size or come in an opened box but should generally be OK for projection.

Unfortunately, all clearance items are pre-packaged for shipping so we are unable to indicate the exact defect on any specific item. We can tell you the flaw or defect will be visible and we would never sell anything in poor condition. Remnants/Clearance items are priced in such a way that most customers will be happy with the purchase, including the defect, at the discounted price. However, since clearance items are non-returnable, if a visible defect is going to bother you then you may want to consider brand new which is guaranteed to be flawless. Remnants/Clearance items are Not flawless.

Remnants/Clearance items are sold as is and are not customizable. Unless specified, this item ships folded in a box and cannot be rolled. Prices are good while supplies last. Remnants/Clearance items are not returnable for refund. All sales are final, no returns.

Please note, we strongly encourage international customers to consider brand new items due to international shipping costs on Remnants and Clearance items.

This movie screen material will NOT withstand the impact of a golf ball.

Compare Carl's Rear Projection Materials (gray vs. white)

White Rear Projection Film Screen Material is the perfect surface to use when the situation does not allow projection equipment to be in front of the screen. The semi-translucent white surface works best with a bright projector (2,000+ lumens) and wider viewing angle/audience seating area. This semi-translucent white material offers fewer chances for hotspots and a better front-projected/dual-sided projection image, if versatility is needed. White Rear Projection Film Material is best for a wooden fixed frame where it will be stretched tightly and evenly in all four directions. It also works for our tension-mounted Finished Edge Screens, Hanging or Standing Kits (2 Kit Sizes). Your DIY White Rear Projection Film Screen is a high-tech product which features a natural and clear image and works best in a dark setting where ambient light is controlled. You should project onto the smooth side of your White Rear Projection Film. Why buy White Rear Projection Film? It's a great way to hide your projection equipment; you need a wider viewing angle and/or the versatility to project from both the front and the back of your screen!

Key Material Deciding Factors

  • Semi-Translucent white so the image passes through when the projection equipment is behind the screen
  • White Rear Projection Film is a high-tech 100% PVC product which features a natural & clear image
  • Great for a wider viewing angle/audience seating area and fewer chances for hotspots
  • Better front-projected/dual-sided projection image, if versatility is needed
  • White Rear projection fabric works best with a bright projector (2,000+ lumens)
  • Best in a dark environment where ambient light is controlled
  • Indoor/Outdoor applications (Mildew Resistant)/Portable
  • Tension-Mount/Stretch for best results
  • The textured side faces the audience
  • Gain— Not Applicable
  • Ships folded in a box

Tips:  Don’t forget to Buy Black Felt Tape for a professional-looking, contrast-boosting border (sold separately). Note: Our White Rear Projection Film does NOT have an adhesive backing and is NOT a static cling. Also see Our Awesome FAQ.

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