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Carl's SheerWeave Acoustically Transparent Projector Screen Material (Audio/ Sound Transparent) 5% Open Weave

Quick Overview

SheerWeave is an excellent solution for your home theater to hide your audio equipment behind your screen! This sound transparent material does not require tension-mounting.

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Price From: $74.95


Compare Sound Transparent Projector Screen Materials (front-projection)

SheerWeave Acoustic Projector Screen Material is a front projection surface which is acoustically transparent. Acoustically Transparent Screen Material has a 5% open weave allowing sound to pass through when speakers are placed behind your screen (max loss of 4 dB). Its white surface and gain of 1.0 diffuse light in all directions so the image can be seen from any angle when ambient light is controlled. SheerWeave is the same on both sides allowing you to project the image onto either side of the fabric. Carl's SheerWeave Material is made of polyester and works best for indoor applications on a wooden fixed frame, or can be safely stored rolled. A SheerWeave Screen is stiff and sturdy, resulting in a screen that hangs nice and flat without the need to be stretched. Why buy SheerWeave? SheerWeave is an excellent solution to hide your audio equipment behind your screen!

  • SheerWeave is acoustically transparent allowing sound to pass through the screen (max loss of 4 dB)
  • This screen material does not require tension-mounting
  • In a dark environment where ambient light is controlled SheerWeave offers an image which can be seen from any angle
  • This front-projection screen material has a 5% open weave, white surface & gain of 1.0
  • SheerWeave is made of polyester which works very well indoors on a fixed frame
  • Project onto either side of SheerWeave
  • Ship Free!* Ships rolled on a tube
  • Weight/Dimensions | Handling Time, Delivery & Returns

Tips:  Don’t forget to add Industrial Adhesive Black Felt Tape made specifically for SheerWeave for a professional-looking, contrast-boosting border (sold separately). Note: If you experience moiré, experiment with mounting your fabric at an angle. Order enough material to mount your fabric at up to a 30° angle & test for moiré before permanently mounting the fabric. Important information regarding moiré. See our satisfaction guarantee. Do NOT fold SheerWeave Projector Screen Material. SheerWeave is not suitable for grommets or sewing. Also see Our Awesome FAQ.

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In the meantime, see this great DIY Home Theater Screen made with Carl's SheerWeave Projector Screen Material.

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