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Carl's Ultra ALR Projector Screen Material - Ambient Light Rejecting (4K Ultra HD, UHD, HDR Ready, 3D, Dark to Moderate Ambient Light, Non-Tension)

Quick Overview

Carl's zero texture UltraALR 4K Projector Screen Material is best when you have little to no control over ambient light concerns! Beautifully handles a dark, low or moderately lit environment. Provides high contrast, vibrant color, is 4K UHD/HDR Ready, 3D compatible and is ideal for a wall mount or roll down application.

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Price From: $159.95


Compare Projector Screen Materials for Ambient Light (front-projection)

UltraALR (4K Ultra HD) Projection Screen Material:

  • UltraALR is specially engineered to perform in the widest variety of lighting situations
  • Absorbs, diverts and rejects ambient light away from the screen to avoid washed out images
  • UltraALR 4K specializes in the most clear, most crisp 4K Ultra HD (UHD) and HDR Ready images
  • Fully compatible with Active 3D and Passive 3D with maximum polarization levels
  • Its high-performance, zero texture, ambient light rejecting surface has an approximate gain of 1.5
  • Ultra-Ambient Light Rejecting screen material offers fine detail in dark scenes and also bright, vibrant colors in brighter scenes
  • Its high contrast and reflective surface reflects more light towards your eye and intensifies image quality
  • Our industry grade UltraALR reflects a large percentage of ambient light and has a seating angle of 80° (40° Left/Right)
  • Perfect for home theaters, media rooms, conference rooms, sports bars and more
  • Our Ambient Light Rejecting material also assists with any scattered light from your walls or ceilings
  • This Non-tensioned screen material is ideal for wall-mounts or roll down applications, but can also be attached to a wooden fixed frame
  • UltraALR front projection material has a dark pewter-gray/high contrast grey color. The back is black.
  • Seamless, 100% PVC and mildew resistant with a max height 90 inches

Projector Info

  • Not compatible with ultra/short throw projectors or edge-blending due to risk of hot spots
  • Works best when the minimum throw distance is 1.5 times the width of the image
  • The ambient light must never come from the same direction as your projector
  • Install the projector so the projected light mirrors the reflected light with equal angles and is aligned at eye level for best results

Tips and Notables

  • Don't forget to Buy Black Felt Tape for a professional-looking, contrast-boosting border (sold separately)
  • Extra time and effort will be required for fixed frame installations to avoid waves or ripples
  • Do Not fold and do Not wrap UltraALR 4K Projector Screen Material over a fixed frame
  • Due to lack of portability Finished Edge Screens, Hanging and Standing Kits are unavailable
  • Not recommended for outdoor or portable use
  • Available in raw material only

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Carls UltraALR Projector Screen Material

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