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Compare Carl's Rear Projection Film Materials

Rear Projection Film Comparison (white vs. gray)

Carl's Place offers (2) rear projection options; Gray or White. Rear Projection Film allows you to place the projection equipment behind your screen.
The Key Deciding Factors are Highlighted in Yellow.

Viewing Environment

White Rear Projection Film Gray Rear Projection Film
Lighting Considerations Dark Controlled Light (i.e. Movie Theater) Low Ambient Light (i.e. Stage Lights)
If you wish to begin the movie at dusk/sunset and your only ambient light concern is 20 minutes of viewing time at dusk, go with white. If you will experience ambient light throughout the entire movie, even after the sun goes down, go with gray. Unfortunately, these items are not meant for full sunlight.
Audience Seating Wider– Audience may be seated in front of the screen or to the side Narrow– Audience seated directly in front, may lose some brightness if seated to the side
Indoor Indoor– Yes Indoor– Yes
Outdoor Outdoor– Yes, 100% Mildew Resistant PVC Outdoor– Yes, 100% Mildew Resistant PVC
Portable/Foldable Portable– Yes; make sure your screen clean & dry before storing and fold it loosely for transport or storage.

Specialties & Specifications

White Rear Projection Film Gray Rear Projection Film
Rear Projection Rear Projection– Yes Rear Projection– Yes
Front Projection Yes, offers front projection versatility Yes, but you may lose some brightness when projecting from the front
High-Definition HD/High-Definition HD/High-Definition
Gain– Not Applicable Gain is the measure of reflectivity of the projector screen. In our opinion, Rear Projection Film does not have a gain since the light passes through the material.
Active or Passive 3D Not Recommended for 3D Not Recommended for 3D
Color and Opacity Semi-Translucent White– any object or person between the projector and the screen will appear as a shadow Translucent Gray (Not transparent, Not clear)– anything directly behind the screen will show through the material
Acoustically Transparent
Sound Transparent
No, sound will not pass through if speakers are placed behind your screen
Max Height for a Seamless Screen 126 inches Tall 126 inches Tall
By Default This Item Ships Folded in a Box Folded in a Box
Max Height for Tube Shipping & Normal Shipping Carriers (Avoid Freight) 116 inches Tall 116 inches Tall


White Rear Projection Film Gray Rear Projection Film
(pull tight like a giant artist canvas or trampoline)
Tension-Mount Tension-Mount
When a screen is pulled tight (or bungeed) evenly all the way around the screen we call this tensioned. Tensioning provides a flat screen for even light distribution. Securing tension-mounted screens at the top and bottom, just the sides or only in the corners will not provide a flat surface for even light distribution. If you choose not to tension-mount applicable materials you are likely to see waves or ripples in your image. Visit our How-To page for Raw Material OR learn about the 4 inch Rule for Finished Edge Screens (bottom of page) and don't forget our Awesome FAQ.
Wall Mount or Roll Down Application Not Recommended Not Recommended
Matte Finish Side Faces the Audience Project onto the shiny side– Quick Look Project onto the shiny side– Quick Look

Projector Information

White Rear Projection Film Gray Rear Projection Film
Standard Projector
(Not Short Throw)
Yes Yes
Minimum Lumens 1800 Minimum Lumens Recommended 2000-3200 Minimum Lumens Recommended
Off-Axis Positioning Position your projector so the bulb is off-axis to avoid hot spots or seeing the bulb through the translucent gray/semi-translucent white materials.
Short Throw Compatible Fewer chances for hot spots May cause hot spots

Product Types

White Rear Projection Film Gray Rear Projection Film
Raw Material– No Edges (Seamless) View Projector Screen Material ( T ) View Projector Screen Material ( T )
Black Vinyl Edges and Grommets (Seamless) View Finished Edge Screens View Finished Edge Screens
Large Venue (Over 126" or 10.5' Tall) View Oversize Welded Seam Screens View Oversize Welded Seam Screens
Truss Style Hanging Frame Kits View Truss Style Hanging Kits View Truss Style Hanging Kits
Standing Projector Screen Kits View Standing Kits (2 sizes; 5x9 and 6.75x9) View Standing Kits (2 sizes; 5x9 and 6.75x9)

Additional Comparisons

Not What You're Looking For? Which Material is Right for You?
Compare Front-Projection Screen Materials Here!

Unfortunately, our front-projection materials cannot be used for rear projection because they are opaque so the image will not show/pass through the screen.

( T ) In the DIY market there is a wide range of comfort levels, skill sets and abilities. If you are at all concerned about folds and wrinkles you may want to consider ordering your raw material rolled on a tube, if available.