Carl's Golf Simulator Enclosure Comparison Chart

Key Deciding Factors

WHY BUY THIS KIT? Our DIY kit offers you an easy, entry-level way to build a safe place to swing your clubs and takes the guesswork out of designing your own enclosure. Carl's PRO kit offers a high-end enclosure with top-of-the-line performance. It's available in wider, deeper bays with additional safety features providing you an all-in-one solution perfect for home or commercial use.
Impact Screen 1 Standard, Preferred or Premium Golf Screen Standard, Preferred or Premium Golf Screen
Ceiling Fabric Black Nylon Sprinkler System Compliant Netting
Wall Fabric Black Nylon Black Knit (Similar to Spandex)
Frame Connectors 1-inch Steel Fittings 1.5-inch Steel Fittings
Cushion Bumpers Not Available (4) Foam Safety Guards
Weight Bag Discreet Weight Bag Attaches to the Bottom of the Screen Un-necessary Due to Foam Safety Guards
Size Specific Diagram and Assembly Manual Detailed Instructions Detailed Instructions
Max Height 2 124.75 125.5-inches (10.5 Ft)
Max Width 2 163.33 249.5
Max Depth 2 118.25 Varies: If the frame height is 120-inches or less, then the max depth is 249.5-inches. However, if the height is greater than 120-inches then the max depth is 200-inches.
Frame Pipes 3 1-inch EMT Required (Not Included) Pre-Cut, 1.5-inch, Schedule 40, Aluminum Pipes or No Pipe Options
Projector Mount 4 Not Available Universal Mount, Mount Ready or No Mount Options
Safety Baffles 5 Not Compatible Up to 5
Handling Time: Made to Order in Approximately 5 Business Days 10 Business Days
Shipping Time: Multiple Delivery Options Are Available After Adding the Item to Your Cart Selected Delivery Time Selected Delivery Time
You Will Need Ladder Helpful 6mm Hex Bit Socket and Ratchet and 8-Ft Ladder
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2 Size:  Before you order, please be sure to consult the frame specifications chart for actual frame dimensions to be sure your enclosure will fit the space you have available. The specifications tab is below the "add to cart" button on both the DIY Kit and PRO Kit product pages.

3 Frame Pipes:  If you are shipping this item inside the 48 United States or Canada, we recommend purchasing the 1.5-inch aluminum pipes, since they can be challenging to source locally. However, if you are shipping this product outside this area, consider the "No Pipes" option as freight shipping will be cost prohibitive.

4 Projector Mount Options:

  • Select Projector Mount: for a universal mount to attach your projector to the frame, compatible with a 1.5-inch pipe
  • Select Mount Ready: for a fitting where you can attach your own projector mount to a 1.5-inch pipe frame
  • Select No Mount: if you will not be attaching your projector to the frame

5 Safety Baffles:  Baffles are a strip of black vinyl that hang from the net ceiling and are meant to catch errant shots. Baffles are an optional extra layer of safety but depending on the height of your enclosure and the placement of your projector may cause shadows on the screen. Your enclosure can have up to five baffles or none at all.

1 Screen Information: 

All our impact screens should withstand several thousands of strikes from even the best golfers and are made for use with real golf balls.

Our best value for home users is our Standard golf screen which offers the most budget-friendly option. Our Preferred offers an upgraded image for just a few dollars more. However, our top-selling product with the highest customer satisfaction is our Premium. Premium offers some noise reduction which helps to dampen the sound of each strike of the ball. We highly recommend Premium for commercial use.

Additionally, all our golf impact screen materials are compatible for HD/4K projection, though your projector, of course, will need to be capable of projecting a native high-definition resolution. Standard impact screens have the most texture and are likely to provide the appearance of a lower resolution image. While Premium impact screens have very little texture, they can provide the sharpest possible picture for your high-definition images. *** The properties of Preferred's single layer construction are likely to show dimples from each ball strike. The dimples do not hurt the material, but it may be visible within your image.

All impact screens are "wearable" products and may start showing wear, such as scuff marks and dimples, immediately after its first use. This is normal.

Do NOT use a golf ball with Sharpie marker on it and make sure your clubs and golf balls are clean to avoid getting dirt or grass stains on your screen. Newer golf balls without abrasions will also help to extend the life of you screen. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure - do your best to set-up, use and store your screen in a safe, clean and dry environment.

Please make sure to take proper safety precautions. DO take every precaution; keep children, pets, and spectators out of swing range. DO take every precaution to protect ceilings, walls, windows, cars and neighboring homes. Carl's Place is not responsible for damage to property and/or personal injury.