The. Screen. Is. Fantastic. In the words of my picky wife "This is over the top -- the screen is too big -- but it looks really good."

These pictures are just from my phone, no calibrations/enhancements. I have (4) 60 watt lights turned on, plus (3) x 30 watt lights in the entry way. My projector is on ‘bright cinema’ with no adjustments at all. I can tell you that it is very easy to tell the difference with the lights on. The ARL looks *MUCH* better than all the other samples. The others are completely washed out when the lights are on. Some pics were taken as dark as I can make my room, with my cellphone. All lights off, but white walls. However, there is 1 picture with the room as *BRIGHT* as I can make it. Love the screen. No complaints about it.

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Matt S. | Round Rock, TX