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Carl's ProGray Projector Screen Material (High Contrast Gray)

Quick Overview

ProGray is marvelous for non-tensioned, indoor applications in low ambient light conditions; simply staple to your wall without stretching..

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Price From: $14.95


Compare Projector Screen Materials for Ambient Light (front-projection)

ProGray Projector Screen Material is a front projection material which is stiff and sturdy, resulting in a screen that hangs nice and flat without the need to be stretched. The high contrast gray/grey (Gain 0.8) surface means that, compared to white surfaces and when paired with a relatively bright projector, the image will have a greater contrast with deeper blacks in environments with low ambient light concerns. Carl's ProGray Material is made of a fiberglass layer, bonded with PVC and works best for indoor applications where it is attached directly onto the wall or can be safely stored rolled. Why buy ProGray? Buy ProGray Projector Screen Material for an indoor space with low ambient light and ease of installation.

  • ProGray is easier to install because it does not require tension-mounting or building a frame; simply attach it to the wall
  • High contrast gray/grey (Gain 0.8) offers greater contrast & deeper blacks in environments with low ambient light concerns
  • ProGray is made of fiberglass layer and bonded with PVC which works very well indoors
  • This front-projection screen works best with a bright (2,000+ lumens) projector
  • Ships Free!*  Ships rolled on a tube
  • Weight/Dimensions | Handling Time, Delivery & Returns

Tips:  Don’t forget to Buy Black Felt Tape for a professional-looking, contrast-boosting border (sold separately). Note: Do NOT fold or wrap ProGray Projector Screen Material. Also see Our Awesome FAQ.

What Are Our Customers Saying?

Scot H."I couldn't be happier in terms of image quality; blacks look deeper, with better contrast, and highlights don't have annoying hotspots. Also, due to the gray (vs a white screen) I get better performance during the day when light pollution is an issue in my living room. The other reason I went with this particular screen is I didn't want to deal with building a frame or stretching a screen. With this screen I just grabbed my staple gun and tacked it up on the wall. For less than a hundred bucks this thing is great."

Michael N."I made my own huge projector screen for our youth group room, using Carl's ProGray screen material. It cost approximately $125 bucks to create a giant screen on the wall which would normally cost... what $400-$500 dollars? This is the way to go."

Devin P."I am so happy with my purchase. This has truly enhanced my theater experience at home. It was a super-fast transaction, as well as, great customer service. Thank You"

Carlos M."Carl's is the best. Very fast delivery, packaged perfectly. The image is better and colors are vivid."

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