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Earn commission on indoor golf products
while creating and sharing your own content.

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Earn $$$ on orders from new customers you refer to Carl's Place

We partner with brand ambassadors who love golf and want to bring indoor golf simulator equipment to potential customers.

One of the best commission rates amongst golf industry affiliate programs!

We'll provide unique tracking codes that let you get credit for new customers you send our way. Share your Carl's Place affiliate links on your blog, your YouTube channel, or whichever channel works for your audience.


200+ Eligible SKUs


Real-Time Tracking


30- Day Cookie

Reach 12.4 million indoor golfers

National Golf Foundation report of golfers who participated exclusively in off-course golf activities.

Get rewarded for your online influence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

Carl’s Place is a locally owned business in Milton, Wisconsin that started from a guy named Carl who wanted to play Mario Kart on as big a screen as possible. Now Carl's Place is bringing high-quality screens to home theaters, outdoor venues, and golf simulators, bringing entertainment of all sorts to the world.

What is an affiliate program?

The affiliate program is an arrangement in which Carl's Place pays [you] the affiliate a commission for online orders, sent from your website or internet content, to our website and results in a sale.

How does the Carl's Place affiliate program work?

First, you apply to join our affiliate program. Share your online presence with us so we know you love this business as much as we do (and aren't a robot). Once we approve your account, you'll have access to create your own unique URLs. When a customer buys eligible products within 30 days after using your link, the earned commission will show up in your account. You will be able to withdraw the funds and start spending it on whatever you like... may we suggest golf equipment?

What products are eligible for commission?

You'll have the opportunity to earn commissions on all Carl's Place products. This commission is based on the cart amount and excludes tax and shipping. Once you are registered and approved, we will provide additional details regarding commission rates, payments and referral link or coupon creation. Go ahead and apply to be an affiliate and we'll get you up to speed on all the commissions you'll be eligible for.

Who is eligible to receive affiliate commissions?

Carl's Place affiliate program is free to join for anyone who has demonstrated their online presence aligns with the Carl's Place brand. Typically, that means customer-friendly online content that isn't spammy. Resellers, employees of Carl's Place, or relatives of employees are not eligible to receive commissions.

What happens after I apply?

Carl's Place will automatically receive notification of your registration. Once you are approved, we will contact you with additional details regarding commission rates, payments and referrals.

How will I know if I made any commission?

When you opt-in to communications, you will receive an email notification each time your account balance has been updated. Your affiliate dashboard will show you real-time tracking of your commissions earned.

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