Hone your golf skills. And your coolest neighbor on the block skills.

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Yes, we have everything you need to build a custom golf simulator room of your dreams. But the good times you’ll have? Those are definitely not a simulation.

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Immerse Yourself in the Fairway

Step into a world of unprecedented golfing realism with our brand-new golf simulator enclosure. Feel the lush grass beneath your feet, the wind in your hair, and the sun on your skin as you take your swing.

With cabled-screen technology, your new golf enclosure transports you straight to the fairway, anytime you want to play.

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Bogeys are no fun.

Watch those scores drop with realistic play that brings your new skills straight to the course.


DIY doesn't have to be hard.


With custom kits, we make it easy to set up your enclosure. You'll be golfing at home in about an hour.


All weather is golf weather.

Too wet to go out? Too cold to play? Just use your indoor golf simulator every single day.

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Build My Simulator

Indoor Golf Inspiration


Our customers and their indoor golf builds are the real MVPs. No need for flashy photography tricks - their incredible creations speak volumes! Take these real-life examples as inspiration for your own dream golf room.

Want your golf room featured here? Share your setup with us.

We design golf rooms.

Custom golf screens, custom golf enclosures, and custom golf rooms. Carl's design services will create a golf simulator that will perfectly fit your space.

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your space with an immersive golf enclosure to protect your walls and ceilings.

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with purpose to measure your ball flight and club parameters.

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FlightScope launch monitor and golf simulator with TaylorMade 3 golf ball

See Yourself Improve
in high-definition graphics and realistic play. Your scores are already dropping.

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Stop shanking that ball.

Improve your golf swing with the best golf simulators for indoor use, outdoor use, anywhere use. Ready to get started building your home or commercial golf simulator?

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Our screens are proof that hanging out in the yard and watching a movie is a ton of fun. However, birds aren’t too fond of it. Especially the ones who don’t like action movies.

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