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Carl's ProWhite Projector Screen Material

Quick Overview

ProWhite is terrific for non-tensioned, indoor applications in a dark viewing environment; simply staple to your wall without stretching.

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Price From: $14.95


Compare Dark Viewing Environment Projector Screen Materials (front-projection)

ProWhite Projector Screen Material is a front projection material which is stiff and sturdy, resulting in a screen that hangs nice and flat without the need to be stretched. The warm white surface and gain of 1.1 offers a brighter image in a dark environment where ambient light is controlled. Carl's ProWhite Material is made of a fiberglass layer, bonded with PVC and works best for indoor applications where it is attached directly onto the wall or can be safely stored rolled. Why buy ProWhite? Buy ProWhite Projector Screen Material for a dark indoor viewing environment and ease of installation.

  • ProWhite is easier to install because it does not require tension-mounting or building a frame; simply attach it to the wall
  • In a dark room where ambient light is controlled ProWhite offers a beautiful, bright image
  • This front-projection screen material has a warm white surface and gain of 1.1
  • ProWhite is made of fiberglass layer and bonded with PVC which works very well indoors
  • Ships Free!*  Ships rolled on a tube
  • Weight/Dimensions | Handling Time, Delivery & Returns

Tips:  Don’t forget to Buy Black Felt Tape for a professional-looking, contrast-boosting border (sold separately). Note: Do NOT fold or wrap ProWhite Projector Screen Material. Also see Our Awesome FAQ.

What Are Our Customers Saying?

Shane P."Shipping was very fast and the material came out of package wrapped tightly and without any creases or wrinkles, on one tight roll. The material was of the quality I expected, at a great price and I now have a 133" homemade stationary screen. I’m very happy and I have already recommended this to friends."

David F."I was very pleased with the product. It has performed better than expected. It was well worth the time and money."

Mike D."My primary goal was to find a material I could easily mount directly onto the wall, which would be both fairly inexpensive and an improvement in the picture quality. Carl's ProWhite was a home run. The primary defining feature of this product is the stiffness of the material which alleviates the need for stretching (although some work is still required to get a flat surface). Anyone currently projecting directly onto a wall who thinks the resulting image looks "fine" should purchase Carl's ProWhite without hesitation - you'll be blown away by the improvement. All-in-all, I'm thrilled with this purchase. The ease of mounting and quality of image is superior to anything else in a similar price range (if you're looking to avoid building a frame, this is the way to go). Delivery was extremely quick."

Jeff F."This material is outstanding for high definition video. We used an HD projector for a recent sporting event and people were amazed with the quality of the picture. The picture popped off the screen. One of my best purchases ever!!!"

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