Top 3 Ideas for a DIY Video Game Party

Observed annually on September 12, National Video Game Day is the perfect excuse to gather a group of friends for a video game party…big-screen style. While a gamer party doesn’t really require too much planning, we thought we’d round-up our top three DIY tips to make the best of our favorite holiday.

DIY video game party with friends

1. An Addictive Multiplayer Game

There’s nothing quite like the friendly competition of a good couch multiplayer game. It’s always best to have a few game options to suit a variety of skill levels and interests. One idea is to cover several genres by choosing a sports game, a racing game, and strategy game and let the group decide. Carl’s Tip: Towerfall and Sportsfriends are guaranteed crowd-pleasers.

Home theater setup with DIY back lit projector screen

2. A Brag-Worthy Setup

Before hosting a gaming party, it’s a good idea to review your home entertainment setup. For a truly immersive video game experience, projecting your game onto a big-screen is the way to go. It’s inexpensive (and surprisingly easy!) to build a projector screen at home. Don’t believe us? Check out this step by step video from one of our awesome customers and get ready to impress your friends.

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Carl’s Tip: Make sure to consider these 5 things when choosing a projector. 

Video game party snacks

3. All The Snacks. 

A crucial component of any party is, of course, snacks. We recommend choosing food that is tasty, portable and won’t ruin your couch if spilled. Even better if you can convince your friends bring a snack to your video game party to share. Carl’s tip: Everyone loves this DIY snack mix.  See more of our tried-and-true favorites on our gaming pinterest board. Oh, and don’t forget the drinks!

From your DIY experts at Carl’s Place, we hope you take this opportunity to see your friends in-person and enjoy one of our favorite modern pastimes. 


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