Hone your golf skills. And your coolest neighbor on the block skills.

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Yes, we have everything you need to build the golf simulator room of your dreams. But the good times you’ll have? Those are definitely not a simulation.

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Play video games. Watch movies. Trick out your man cave. You could even use our screens to stream online cat videos for your dog. Not that we would do that.


Our screens are proof that hanging out in the yard and watching a movie is a ton of fun. However, birds aren’t too fond of it. Especially the ones who don’t like action movies.

Large Venue

A big crowd calls for a big screen. Just make sure you’ve got enough popcorn and that the people in the back keep it quiet. If not, a polite “shhhh” always comes in handy.

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Here at Carl’s Place we like to share our knowledge. But not our movie popcorn.

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This is where we answer all of life’s questions. About golf simulators and screens.

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As you’d expect, It started out with a large screen and an even larger dream.