Improve employee morale, attract candidates with a golf simulator at work

In today’s world, it’s extremely difficult for employers to find quality candidates. But when an employer does find that perfect fit for their organization, how are they supposed to stand out to a candidate to make sure they don’t end up working for your competitor?

Carl's Place Pro Enclosure in an office-like settingEmployee perks are some of the best ways to convince that top-of-the-line candidate that your company is better than others. Remote flexibility, wellness programs, educational reimbursement and on-site daycare are just a few that come to mind.

But what about a FUN employee perk, such as a golf simulator in your office? Little did you know, a golf simulator can accomplish several company-wide goals, such as employee wellness and team building, in addition to recruiting.

Ashley, a human resources generalist at Carl’s Place, told us about her experience with a golf simulator at a former job.


There aren’t as many fun surprises in life anymore, but a golf simulator at work would definitely be one.

“I think paired with a couple of the practical perks mentioned above, it could really make a company stand out from the rest,” Ashley said. “The business pays you to play golf. That’s hard to turn down.”

Ashley said her former bosses are avid golfers, and knowing the less-than-ideal golfing conditions in a Midwest winter, it made a golf simulator a more practical purchase. Although she didn’t really think her employer would follow through, she told them about Carl’s Place and the rest is history.

“My fiancé loves golf. He’s been playing since he was a little kid,” Ashley said. “Him and I have gone to a few different places with golf simulators and have come to appreciate the opportunities it makes for golfing during the offseason. It was cool to be able to brag to him about the golf simulator at my job. 

“He didn’t get those same bragging rights, but fortunately for him, he reaped the benefits of my work perk.”

The addition of a golf simulator at her former company showed her that not everything had to be taken so seriously.

“It almost felt like having fun at work became required. Who could have a problem with that?” Ashley asked.


Although growing rapidly, golf could still be considered a niche community; You have serious golfers who play all the time, social golfers who play a few times a year, and complete non-golfers. Despite the niche community, Ashley said the simulator at her work was used very often.

“People who didn’t golf much before became more invested after the simulator was installed,” she said. “I personally am not much of a golfer, but it was always a fun way to get together as a team in a more laid back way. 

We made a surprising amount of work decisions while huddled at the golf simulator.

She said theirs was used so often for golf that there wasn’t much time for other activities on it, but a golf simulator does have the potential to be used for team video training or movie watching.

“My bosses at the time would even go in after hours or on the weekends to use it. They would sometimes invite other family or friends to stop by the office to use it, too,” Ashley said. “It sounds a little silly, but it really brought people together.”


Ashley concluded that “work perks” make coming in every day much easier, and a company that prioritizes your work as much of your happiness becomes a “no-brainer” choice over one that only expects you to complete tasks all day.

“Companies zero in on what employees can do for them, but an equally important aspect is what a company can do for their employees,” Ashley said. “If you have the ability to do more for your employees, do it.”

Carl’s Place can help you make your employees happier with our golf simulator kits, all of which include the basics you need for a great indoor golf setup: an enclosure, impact screen, launch monitor, hitting mat and projector

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