Do I Need to Hire a Golf Room Designer?

Need help visualizing your space? A Carl's Place golf room designer brings your room to life. Room Mockups. Floor Plan. 3D Renderings. Shoppable Projects.

Golf Simulators at the 59er

Have a headache from all the numbers, details, specs and design ideas floating through your head as you try to make your golf simulator dreams come true? Have you considered working with a golf room designer to make your simulator a hole-in-one?

You can design your golf room two ways:

  1. DIY

    DIYers make some of the best golf simulators. With the help of a golf simulator kit that makes assembly a breeze, DIYers can create a golf room design that works perfectly for them.

  2. Professional Golf Room Design Services

    With more complex golf simulator designs, like a commercial golf business with multiple simulators, or luxury homes with complex layouts, or just for people who want it perfect, golf room design services might be the way to go.

Do you fall into that second group? Let Carl write you a prescription for his Custom Golf Simulator Design Service. His design team has the experience and expertise in golf simulators that will help cure that headache and make your dreams come true. 

Design It For Me


From the Carl’s Place Golf Room Design Team

“We’ve seen a lot of different designs that customers have used,” said Nate, one of Carl’s sim design experts. “We’re here to help you get that successful setup and not have to worry about not having enough buffer space around your enclosure or enough space to safely swing a club.” 

Zach, Sarah and several others join Nate to make up the design team. The team will help you answer several questions about your golf sim setup, including:

  • How do I size my enclosure to make sure it’s going to fit well within my space?
  • Which hitting mat should I get?
  • Which projector should I purchase that’s going to fill my screen completely?
  • Which launch monitor works best in my space and why? Where will it be located in the room?
  • And many more!


Pick a level of design service that fits your needs.

Zach, one of the design team members, explained the golf room design service includes two tiers:

  • The Technical Tier includes consultation with Carl's in-house experts, technical drawing, personalized recommendations and an itemized quote.
  • The Complete Tier includes everything from the Technical Tier, plus 3D renderings that bring your indoor golf space to life.

Design It For Me


Where Does Carl’s Place Design Golf Rooms?

Sarah explained that the team speaks on a daily basis with all different types of customers from all over the world.

“Some are looking for help with a smaller-scale project that’s more DIY and easy assembly.  Some are looking for the more involved, high-end, dream golf simulator room,” Sarah said. “The thing that’s so great about our customers and makes them so fun to work with is that, regardless of the scale of their project, they’re excited about it. The people building a sim room in their basement or spare room are just as excited as the person opening up the second location of their golf simulator business.”

“When you’re doing such a cool project, you want to know that you’ll love the end result,” Sarah added. “That’s where we come in. We do the heavy lifting of the configuration of the space and details, and then provide a visual of the finished space. We’re taking out the guesswork and any uncertainties.”


Designing a Large Golf Simulator Room

Although questions range across the board, some of the most common questions we get here at Carl’s Place about setting up a golf simulator room are in regards to size.

“How large of an enclosure can I fit? Or how much room do I need for X, Y, Z?” Zach said. “We typically recommend building the enclosure to fit your space, and we can do that as we customize enclosures and screens down to the inch. Since we do not charge a custom fee for non-standard sizing, it makes sense to build something to fit!”

One business local to Carl’s Place - the 59er Bar and Grill in Milton, Wis. - used the design service to add two golf simulators. On nice days in the summer, the 59er has a driving range, but in the offseason or on inclement weather days, they wanted another entertainment option besides ax throwing to entertain their customers.

The 59er, which will be our real-life example throughout this piece, was looking to transform an uninsulated storage building into an expanded bar with their entertainment options. 



Carl's Place Custom Golf Simulator Design Team

Once a customer purchases one of the two tiers, a golf room designer will get in touch with you to schedule the initial consultation, which is a 1-on-1 meeting that takes about an hour or so.

“We’ll meet and go through all their space requirements and all the details in depth,” Nate said. “Depending on the space available, we’ll make recommendations for products that will be successful in the space.”

Design It For Me

“For example, for a ground mounted launch monitor, we make sure the customer has enough room on the ground in the space. If it’s an overhead launch monitor, we make sure the space they’re looking to set this simulator up in has enough ceiling height to work well and provide successful readings on that launch monitor.”

Nate said customers who have no indoor golfing experience also need to consider how much space is needed to safely swing golf clubs. This includes checking the amount of space on each side of the golfer, plus the space in front of and behind the player.

“We can help nail down those fine details and size things out correctly for you,” Nate said.

In the 59er’s case, they reached out to Carl’s with their minds already made up that they were going to add two golf simulators. The questions then were where, what size, what technology, and so on. 

“They asked about coming in to see the equipment, so we hosted them for a demo and let them play on the simulator to show them the different options,” Zach said. “They asked about configuring the bays for right- and left-handed players, making sure that we could make them large enough for players of all heights and with different swings. We recommended proper sizing and equipment to make sure they could accommodate everyone.”

Once Carl’s Place had measurements of the space, the real planning began. We were able to plan out exactly what equipment was going to be used.

Measuring for golf simulator


Next come the technical drawings or 3D renderings, depending on which package of the golf room design service the customer orders. 

The technical drawings provide detailed placement of all items. An example would be a projector: how far away from the customer’s specific screen does the projector need to be in order to fill the screen. 

“Maybe that means mounting the projector to the frame of your (Pro) enclosure,” Nate said. “It could mean flush mounting it to the ceiling or even using a drop extender to lower that projector further into the room.”

The design team will turn over some initial technical drawings and/or renderings for both parties to review together, checking for any details that need to be adjusted or corrected before turning over the final design package.

Design It For Me

Carl's Place Custom Sim Design Renderings


Once the drawings and/or renderings have been finalized, the design team will send over the final design package along with a detailed quote with the items included in the simulator setup. 

“After the order has been placed, our Carl’s Place team remains available for any help with installation, setup of the enclosure, technical setup (and so on),” Nate said. “We have a full library of resources, including assembly and startup guides to a YouTube channel full of videos showing the installation of different products, assembling your enclosure, mounting a projector, things like that.”

Zach said that the sim design team has continued to help The 59er even after they purchased their golf sim equipment with questions about turf, computers to run the system, software installation and other support questions.

Carl’s golf room design service will save you time while also providing you with comfort in knowing that all the components are going to fit well within your space.

“We’re going to take the time to review all the details of your space with you and make product recommendations that will work well with your space,” Nate said.

Zach said he truly enjoys helping customers nail down specific details to make their indoor golf dreams come to life.

“It is rewarding to go there in my free time and see the work we put into the simulators and watch other people enjoy them!” Zach said. 


Design It For Me

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