Carl’s Place Exclusive: Custom Golf Room Design Service

custom golf simulator room design

Is it just us, or does Dr. Carl have a nice ring to it?

OK, maybe we aren’t actually qualified doctors here at Carl’s Place, but we can help cure that overwhelmed feeling you might get while going through the initial stages of setting up your dream golf simulator.

Let us write you a prescription for the Carl’s Place Custom Golf Room Design Service

“We found ourselves speaking with a lot of customers who were looking for more than just the enclosure, impact screen or launch monitor for their golf simulator. They were looking for the total set up, their dream sim room,” said Sarah, Carl’s Place Customer Service Supervisor. “Rather than just offering them the components, we started thinking about how cool it would be to take it a step further and really focus on the space design from the ground up.

Our Customer Service team and Product Engineers love this kind of thing, so the idea progressed pretty quickly and the rest is history.

Zach, one of our Carl’s Place Customer Service Representatives, explained the service includes a project manager who will walk you through all the steps from designing and rendering the space with a computer aided design, to helping with product selection and compatibility. The customer will get 3D renderings of their space, isometric drawings showing the finished layout, technical drawings that include wiring diagrams, and an itemized quote.

It all starts with a phone consultation to understand the golfer, their space and their intended end result.

“Then our team gets to work on the design,” Sarah said. “On a daily basis, we speak with all different types of customers from all over the world! Some are looking for help with a smaller-scale project that’s more DIY and easy assembly.  Some are looking for the more involved, high-end, dream golf simulator room.


“The thing that’s so great about our customers and makes them so fun to work with is that, regardless of the scale of their project, they’re excited about it. The people building a sim room in their basement or spare room are just as excited as the person opening up the second location of their golf simulator business.”

Zach added that he has supported people who need help making sure what they are choosing is going to be compatible with all the other components of their golf simulator room.

“We also have customers who want to build something custom!” Zach said. “We have helped homeowners and commercial customers create amazing setups … This service would be most useful for the customer that is feeling overwhelmed, or someone who does not have the time to invest looking at components, ensuring compatibility, and designing something that works together seamlessly.”

Jesse, Carl’s Place Product Designer, works with customers to provide the rendered images of their finished space, as well as technical “blueprint” style drawings that take all the guesswork out of a golf simulator setup. 

“As a product designer, I’m a very visual thinker so I really enjoy bringing a customer’s 3D space to life,” Jesse said. “It’s fun to see a fully realized room with an enclosure, launch monitor, projector and more when all you started with was a photo and a few dimensions. That’s definitely my favorite part.”


There is a lot of thought and planning that goes into that perfect end result, Sarah said.

“When you’re doing such a cool project, you want to know that you’ll love the end result,” Sarah added. “That’s where we come in. We do the heavy lifting of the configuration of the space and details, and then provide a visual of the finished space. We’re taking out the guesswork and any uncertainties.”

Although questions range across the board, some of the most common questions we get here at Carl’s Place about setting up a golf simulator room are in regards to size.

“How large of an enclosure can I fit? Or how much room do I need for X, Y, Z?” Zach said. “We typically recommend building the enclosure to fit your space. Since we do not charge a custom fee for non-standard sizing, it makes sense to build something to fit!”

Sarah added that other customers might put a lot of focus on the projector and the actual components themselves. 

“They’re more interested in the spacing of all the components and how everything works together,” Sarah said. “Some people like to talk piece-by-piece and some only have eyes for the total picture – that perfectly thought out overall end result.” 

Of course, indoor golf is more popular when it’s cooler outside during the fall and winter months, but it’s not unusual for us to speak with someone about their golf simulator space ideas several times a day.

Some customers just have a few questions to get them moving in the right direction, while some like to go much more in-depth.

“Those are the customers who are so fun to talk to about their space design because they’re excited and have so many questions,” Sarah said.

Although golf simulators, and golf in general, have become significantly more popular recently, our Carl’s Place team is qualified to help you because we’ve got years of experience in the indoor golf industry.

“I think our passion for doing what’s right for our customers is what most qualifies us to help,” Sarah said. “Our Customer Service Team prides itself on being real people who care about our customers. We’re not just trying to sell a product or service; we’re trying to help you accomplish an end result that you’ll love and be excited about.”

The service allows customers to let Carl’s Place worry about the details, Sarah continued.

“They won’t have to spend countless hours after work pouring over research and the ins and outs of a successful golf simulator room build because we’re doing that for them,” Sarah said.

Our customers get the comfort of knowing that we’ve considered all the things they might have missed or weren’t sure on, and we’re here for them to cross all the Ts and dot the Is.

Zach added that no matter the budget, Carl’s Place can help design and build a simulator, and customers should take advantage of this service for a number of reasons.

“The primary reason in my opinion is so that you can be assured your end product will work, fit and look as planned,” Zach said. “The last thing you want is to spend a lot of money and time only to realize upon completion that something doesn’t work, or the space is too small, or there is not enough room to swing. 

“All of these complications can be avoided by using our design service!”

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