The Ultimate Golf Room Checklist

golf room checklist

So you’ve made the decision to improve your golf game with an at home simulator setup? Now for the fun part! Whether you’re just beginning the process of designing the golf room of your dreams or you’re simply looking to take your basic home golf room to the next level, this checklist is for you. We’ve compiled all of the golf room accessories including everything from the essentials to the nice-to-haves.

The Technology

  • DIY Golf Enclosure + Uneekor Bundle – save over $600+ when you bundle a simulator enclosure, Uneekor launch monitor and popular software.

  • OptiShot Simulator Bundle – An excellent budget-friendly simulator, the basic Optishot Golf In A Box bundle includes a simulator, a golf mat and a hitting net.

  • Computer – It’s likely that your simulator software will require a computer with certain specifications.

  • Pro Golf Enclosure + Uneekor Bundle – Creating a fully-loaded golf simulator in a home or commercial facility has never been easier, or more affordable! Simply choose your Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit size, Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator Software and watch the savings add up.

Carl’s Tip: Make sure to understand the requirements of the simulator system when shopping for a computer.

  • SkyTrak – A variety of packages are available for this popular simulator and launch monitor integrated platform.

  • Foresight Launch Monitor – Improve your game with this top-tier software and course solution that pairs nicely with the pro golf simulator enclosure kit.

  • Projector – No golf room checklist is complete without a projector! Depending on the size of your space, a short throw projector like the BENQ LU710 might be the best option.

Carl’s Tip: When selecting a projector, consider the shape of your projector screen. If you’re planning to project in 4:3, make sure you select a projector with a 4:3 native aspect ratio. See a comprehensive list of projector recommendations here.

Impact Screens & Enclosures

  • DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure – An easy-to-assemble kit that is essential for your at-home practice. The enclosure catches any shots that miss or bounce off the screen while also shading the screen for the brightest projected image.
  • Ceiling Projector Mount – Mount a standard throw projector above the tee to avoid casting a shadow onto your impact screen. This universal model suits most projectors.
  • Golf Impact Screen – Designed and tested to withstand direct impact from the fastest moving golf balls, available in three different materials, and perfect for any DIY setup. This is a golf room checklist essential!
  • Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit – Designed for high-end golf simulator installations these kits provide the perfect balance between top-of-the-line performance and easy installation.

Carl’s Tip: Make the most of limited space. A DIY golf simulator gives you the freedom to choose a golf screen with a square shape (1:1 aspect ratio)

Practice Aids

  • Pure Pitch Golf Mat – Learn proper set up, ball position and better swing path with the Callaway Pure Pitch hitting mat.

  • Tri Grass Mat – Three aids in one! An efficient practice aid, this hitting mat allows you to golf from three different surfaces with a single mat.

  • Putting Mat – With three cups and built-in sand traps, this is the perfect practice aid for improving your putting stroke.


  • Artificial Turf Grass – Complete the professional look of your golf room with artificial turf grass that is affordable and easy to clean.
  • Seating – Make your guests comfortable by creating a space nobody wants to leave. Don’t forget the snacks and drinks!
  • Golf Gear Storage – Wrangle all of your golf accessories and maximize your space with an easy-to-assemble organizer.

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