Golf Simulator Enclosures: How To Choose

A golf simulator enclosure surrounds your indoor golf setup to better protect your walls & ceiling. These nylon & knit enclosures brighten your projected image.

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A golf simulator enclosure is a layer of protection around your indoor golf hitting area and impact screen. It keeps out unnecessary additions, such as ambient light to help provide a bright image on your impact screen, and helps contain important equipment, such as golf balls. 

When choosing a golf simulator enclosure you’ll want to look for a strong material that keeps you safe and a size that fits your space.

Golf Simulator Enclosure Materials

At Carl’s Place, we offer two different types of enclosures to keep you safe while golfing: DIY and Pro.

Carl’s Place DIY enclosure surrounds your golf simulator setup with black nylon, a more cost-effective solution for home golf simulators. The Pro Enclosure is made of black knit fabric which has a more professional look for luxury and commercial golf simulators. Both are designed to be strong enough to withstand ricocheted golf balls.

In addition to the fabric of the golf enclosure, you’ll also need to build a frame. Our enclosures are designed to attach to 1-inch or 2-inch Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT). We recommend EMT since it provides the strength you need to endure the repeated hits from a golf ball. You won’t get that same strength from a PVC or wood frame.

The black nylon (and impact screen) in the DIY enclosure attaches to 1-inch EMT. And our Pro enclosure attaches to a 2-inch EMT. Or you can check out our Pipe Framing Kit, which gives you everything you need for your enclosure frame. 

Golf Simulator Enclosure Size

It’s important to choose a golf simulator enclosure that fits your space.

Measuring your space properly is a crucial aspect to prepping for a golf simulator. The DIY has a standard 5-foot depth and is great for people who don’t have a ton of room to work with. 

Custom Golf Enclosures

Carl’s Place specializes in customizable golf enclosures. We fit your space down to the inch. From low basement ceilings to large commercial spaces and beyond. We have a team of design and service specialists to help you design a custom golf room that fits your needs.


Golf Simulator Enclosure Assembly

Make sure to choose a golf simulator enclosure that you feel comfortable setting up. If you are used to home projects, dreaming up blueprints in your head, you might be comfortable choosing your own fittings to design your enclosure. Source your own pipes. Assemble a golf simulator frame all on your own.

More often, we see home and commercial golf setups built by golfers who are good with DIY projects, but still want an easy assembly. 

Carl’s Place DIY enclosure kit is easy to set up and even easier to take down and/or move around. It has the option to include the pipes you need to frame your enclosure for an all-inclusive golf simulator enclosure.

The Pro Enclosure’s black knit fabric (and impact screen) attaches partially with ball bungees to a 2-inch EMT frame for a larger, more professional look. Have plenty of space to work with or want a more immersive experience? The Pro is the way to go as it can be up to 20-feet wide by 20-feet deep, and is used for commercial simulator shops, golf lessons and even high-end man caves. 

Check out our Pro assembly video

The larger and sturdier framing of the Pro enclosure allows golfers to mount electronics (launch monitors and projectors) to the frame itself, whereas we do not suggest mounting anything to the DIY frame. 

We compare and contrast the DIY and Pro more in this article and the table below.





See Pricing

See Pricing


1-inch EMT

2-inch EMT

Enclosure Material

Black nylon

Black knit fabric

Impact Screen Options

Standard, Preferred or Premium


Customizable Sizes?



Suggested Height*

95.81” - 124.75”

102” - 123”

Suggested Width*

132.4” - 163.33”

132.4” - 240”

Suggested Depth*

18” - 59.125”

24” - 240”

Electronic mounting? 



Optional add-ons

Pipe kit for standard and custom sizes, net wall extensions with sand bags, foam inserts, safety baffles

Pipe kit for standard and custom sizes, net wall extensions with sand bags, foam inserts, safety baffles, electronics mounts

Alternatively, some people build out a room as their “enclosure.”

How To Convert Your Room Into A Golf Enclosure

Instead of using pipe framing, someone wanting to convert a spare room to a golf enclosure could:

  1. Attach 2x4s and angle iron to their walls.
  2. Choose an impact screen to protect your wall.
  3. Use ball bungees to attach the impact screen to their new frame. 
  4. Instead of surrounding their hitting area with black nylon or knit fabric, they then cover their walls with acoustic panels to minimize the noise and soften the blow of any errant shots.

Check out our selection of standard sized enclosures, or get in touch with our customer service team to discuss custom sizing!

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