Designers Bring Your Golf Course To Life...Virtually

Have Carl’s expert design team custom create your favorite golf course for a golf simulator. Great for clubhouses to have a virtual course playable year-round. 

Real life vs. virtual golf course comparison

Left: Drone footage of hole 10 from years after Rainbow Springs Golf Course in Mukwonago, Wis., closed. Right: Hole 10 on GSPro golf simulator software, custom-designed by Carl’s Place for virtual play.

What do you do when your favorite golf course shuts down for the season? Just twiddle your thumbs in hopes that you can time travel to the future when it opens back up? What if your worst nightmare comes true and your local course permanently closes? Just spend your time lamenting that you’ll never get to play there again?

Listen up. Carl’s peeps can now bring your course (back) to life in the virtual world using our  Virtual Course Design Service for GSPro Golf Simulator Software!

You might be old school and hesitant to play indoor golf - using technology you’re not familiar with and playing courses you’ve never heard of. But once you start playing on your course, you’ll never look back. Trust us, we’ve watched someone experience this first hand.


Carl is offering two tiers of golf course design for GSPro software: the Essentials and the Classic.

By purchasing the Essentials level, you can have Carl’s virtual golf course designers put together an 18-hole course for you with up to 7 tee boxes, scorecards with tee distances, out of bounds mapping, water hazards, elevation and much more. The Essentials level comes with one revision, meaning one opportunity for you to tell our team about any changes you would like made.

The Classic level includes much more, such as driving range, practice areas, custom pins, more details around the course and up to 3 revisions.

Those who are interested will follow the request form on the product page, and we will check if the course you request is designable. We will let you know either way, and then you can decide if you would like to follow through with the purchase, and which level will fit your needs. 

In order to design the course, we will need some of your help with as many high-quality images, drone footage, scorecards, etc. as possible. 

Once finished, the course will be uploaded to the GSPro library so users can download and play it, or shared directly with you in case you wanted it to stay private.


Now, some of you might be thinking the only person who will make use of a golf course design service is a golf course owner who has a golf simulator in their clubhouse to use on inclement weather days, in the offseason or for lessons. This is one way that course owners can make money in the winter. 

Well, you’re not wrong, but that’s not the only case. The golf course design service can be for anyone. 

Maybe you’re a homeowner with a golf simulator in your basement and you just love your local course (or another one you played half a world away) but would rather just walk into your golf simulator to play it instead of pack up your clubs, drive your car or take a plane, get a tee time, hit some range balls and pay for greens fees. 

Are you a coach looking to continue teaching through the offseason? Or the guy wanting to get extra practice in for the members’ championship? It doesn’t matter who you are or what your reasoning is: the ability to play your favorite course virtually is awesome. 

Sure, you can always play the famous courses such as St. Andrews, Pebble Beach and Torrey Pines, but golf simulators can be even more fun when you and your friends are playing courses you know and love. And hey, you won’t lose any balls on that infamous water hole and can adjust the gimmie distance instead of awkwardly waiting for your friend to say, “That’s good.” 


Designing a golf course in real life is difficult enough, let alone designing a virtual version. That’s why we leave it to our expert golf course designers. Carl makes it easy.

Want an example? Check out Rainbow Springs in the GSPro golf course list to see how detailed Carl’s designers can get. The craziest part about Rainbow Springs: it closed over a decade ago, and yet our virtual golf course design team was able to resurrect it in the virtual world. Not only did it look like the real deal, according to folks that frequented the course back then, it actually played like it too. 

Carl's Place Virtual Golf Course Design

Left: Drone footage from years after Rainbow Springs closed shows the abandoned clubhouse. Right: A flyover of the 13th hole shows how realistic Carl’s recreation of the course is. 

“I can’t believe how accurately this (virtual version) plays. The holes play true to life, and the attention to the little details - like the cattails in the pond and the geese hanging out near seven - really take me back,” one golfer said.

Another added: “Man, I hate this hole. I always hit it long over the green and it would trickle down a hill, and that’s what it just did to me.”

We all can relate: it’s easy to remember the tough holes that got the best of us. 

Overall, the golfers, who had never played on a simulator before, enjoyed their experience.

“What a unique experience to play a course I haven’t played in over a decade … and thought I’d never play again,” one golfer said. 

Want to see if we can design your course? It won’t cost a thing to check.

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