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Carl's Place Choices for Best Golf Simulators in 2023

Indoor golf simulators are a great way to spend more time with your family and friends while working on your golf score. 
Here are our picks for the best golf simulators you can buy, based on the following categories.

If you're the type to explore all your options to find the perfect golf simulator, this 'Best Of' article is a great place to start.

Best of 2023

Carl's Choice for Best Home Golf Simulator
DIY Enclosure with SkyTrak Launch Monitor

Golf_PDP_Launch Monitors_Skytrak_Hero_Image-jpg-1A SkyTrak launch monitor with a Carl's Place Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit is a winning combination for many homeowners. Together, this home golf simulator set up is compact, accurate, and protects your walls and ceilings.

The SkyTrak launch monitor and Carl's Place DIY Enclosure give you the foundation to build your best home golf simulator. Add a hitting mat to soften your swing's impact. And a projector to show you your great shots - you've got an indoor golf simulator where everyone will want to play.

carls-tipThe best home golf simulator is the one that perfectly fits your space, whether it's a spare room, a garage, or a basement. Custom size your own home golf simulator with our Build Your Own Golf Simulator tool.

What is the best home golf simulator?

An indoor golf simulator package using a SkyTrak launch monitor is our #1 recommendation for home setups with a moderate budget. It is a fan favorite, with numerous positive reviews online.

Why use a SkyTrak launch monitor?

Unlike the Garmin Approach R10 and FlightScope Mevo+, the SkyTrak Launch Monitor does not need 6-plus feet of space behind the hitting area. And unlike the Uneekor launch monitors, it doesn't need mounting at a certain height above the hitting area. It is a compact ball tracking system and sits about a foot next to the ball.

If you have a large space in your home to accommodate a radar-based launch monitor, like the Mevo+, check out our next recommendation for Best Value Golf Simulator.

DIY Enclosure with SkyTrak Launch Monitor
Pros and Cons include:

 Compact setup makes it fit most homes

 Pre-built into money-saving bundles

  Accurate tracking

  Subscription-based software pricing

SkyTrak launch monitor inside Carl's Place golf simulator enclosure, ranked best home golf simulator

Carl's recommendation for Best Home Golf Simulator includes:


What is the best golf simulator?

Because of its small space requirements, we often rank SkyTrak as one of the best golf launch monitors to use in your home golf simulator. But a golf simulator is so much more than a launch monitor. You need the best screen, enclosure, projector, and more. The best golf simulator is the package that fits your custom needs and makes you feel like you're on the course.

...Without the sunburn, dehydration, and hunting for lost balls.

If you are looking for the best golf simulator, the options can be a bit overwhelming.

  • Are you looking for the best golf simulator for improving your golf swing?
  • The most affordable indoor golf setup?
  • Something that includes your family in the fun?

Answer that and you're off to a great start! We'll help you break down the best golf simulator set up for you, customized to what you are looking for.


Carl's Choice for Best Value Golf Simulator
Carl's DIY Enclosure with Mevo+ 2023

Best is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “better than all others.” Value is defined as “the monetary worth of something.” So which launch monitor’s monetary worth is better than all others?

For the combination of moderate cost and high accuracy, the value of the Flightscope Mevo+ 2023 Launch Monitor is hard to beat.

Mevo Plus Launch MonitorIt’s not the least expensive launch monitor we offer for a golf simulator. (That’s the Garmin R10.) But it is far from the heaviest on the wallet.

When it comes to cost, the FlightScope Mevo+ 2023 Launch Monitor is in the low- to mid-price range.

The data and features you get with the Mevo+ 2023, especially with the Pro Package add-on, are top-notch. You get comparable tracking for thousands less than most other launch monitors. This high-value accuracy makes the Mevo+ 2023 Carl's Choice for Best Value Golf Simulator.

What is the best value golf simulator?

For the Best Value Golf Simulator, use the Mevo+ 2023 Launch Monitor and a Carl’s Place DIY Enclosure with Preferred Impact Screen. Together, this combination makes a high-quality setup that will take a literal beating from any golf ball you hit. Oh yeah, and you won’t find a better diamond-in-the-rough than our Carl’s HotShot™ Golf Hitting Mat.

mevo-in-golf-simulator (1)

Carl's recommendation for Best Value Golf Simulator includes:

Mevo+ 2023 Launch Monitor with DIY Enclosure and Carl's Hitting Mat
Pros and Cons include:

  High-quality impact screen

  Highly accurate launch data

  Best overall value

  Needs to be placed 8 ft behind the tee

  Less bells and whistles

Best Golf Simulator Software

The Golf Club (TGC) golf simulator software

 Reasons to Buy: TGC 2019 Software
  • One time purchase
  • 150,000+ golf courses including
    Pebble Beach and Firethorn
  • Create your own local courses
  • Multiplayer options - great online and remote

GSPro golf simulator software

Reasons to Buy: GSPro Software

  • Realistic ball flight physics
  • Stunningly detailed 4K graphics
  • Affordable subscription options
  • Read full review

E6 Connect golf sim software

Reasons to Buy: E6 Connect Software

  • Realistic experience
  • 4K graphics
  • Customizable
  • Expanded package offers famous golf courses
    (Bandon Dunes & Torrey Pines)

Awesome Golf golf simulator software

Reasons to Buy: Awesome Golf Software

  • Fun to play
  • Easy to navigate
  • Customizable dashboards for training
  • Lifetime license

CreativeGolf3d golf sim software

Reasons to Buy: Creative Golf 3D Software

Carl's Choice for Best Multiplayer Golf Simulator
Uneekor QED Launch Monitor with TGC19 Software

You want to have golf tournaments and competitions with your friends in person, online, or with other people on golf courses around the world. Here's what you need to have the best multiplayer golf simulator:


  1. Compatibility with both right- and left-handed golfers
    • Golf simulators that need to accommodate multiple players have to make special considerations. Use a launch monitor that can switch between right- and left-handed golfers without adjustments.
  2. Ceiling-mounted equipment
    • The Garmin R10 and the Flightscope Mevo+ sit on the floor behind the hitting area. Whereas the EYE XO and QED launch monitors mount out of the way, above the hitting area. More Players = More Risk. Ceiling-mount equipment prevents things on the ground from getting kicked out of alignment.
  3. Golf simulator software with multiplayer modes
    • TGC19 software has local multiplayer game mode as well as enough golf courses to keep your whole group entertained and challenged.
Golfers Playing in Carl's Pro Enclosure with Uneekor QED Launch Monitor

Carl's recommendation for Best Multiplayer Golf Simulator includes:

What's the best multiplayer golf simulator system?

Assuming you have the space, the Uneekor QED goes well with a Carl’s Place Pro Golf Enclosure. The 2-inch EMT frame of the enclosure can withstand the mounting of electronics, such as the QED or your projector. Pro Enclosure + QED + E6 Connect Software! You will be up and running in multiplayer online golf competitions in no time.

Uneekor QED Launch Monitor with E6 Software
Pros and Cons include:

  Works well for multiplayer gaming

  Overhead mounted

  Highly accurate ball tracking

  Moderate space requirements

  Requires marked balls

How much is a golf simulator?

A full indoor virtual golf simulator is made up of an enclosure, an impact screen, and technology that analyzes your swing. This type of golf simulator setup costs between $3,000 and upwards of $20,000. It varies depending on the level of professionalism you need.

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Carl's Choice for Best Entry Level Golf Simulator
Garmin Approach R10 with Carl's DIY Enclosure

Assuming most entry level golfers are not looking to spend a ton of money up front on an indoor golf investment, then the Garmin R10 is the way to go.

Although it’s the most budget friendly launch monitor option Carl’s Place offers, that doesn’t mean it lacks punch. The Garmin offers many of the same features that middle-of-the-road launch monitors offer, but at a fraction of the price.

What is the best budget golf simulator?

If you're just getting started with indoor golf, go with the Garmin R10 Launch Monitor with a Carl’s Place DIY Enclosure with the Standard Impact Screen. You'll have an affordable setup, that you can upgrade or expand on later. Especially with a well-built golf mat, like the Carl's Golf Hitting Mat.

Garmin Approach R10 Launch Monitor with Carl's Place Golf Ball

Carl’s Place customer “Guy Smiley” couldn’t stop talking about the Garmin R10 in his budget build. Of course, Guy Smiley is not actually his real name, but the story is still as real as can be.

We also used the Garmin R10 to build out a great home golf simulator for less than $3,000.

Carl's recommendation for Best Entry-Level Golf Simulator includes:

Garmin R10 with DIY Enclosure
Pros and Cons include:

  Start up option that can grow with you

  Great choice for budget builds

Would get smoother image with upgraded screen

Carl's Choice for Best Commercial Golf Simulator
Uneekor EYE XO with Carl's Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit

Planning on running an indoor golf business? Perhaps adding a golf simulator to your golf course clubhouse, bar, or restaurant?

What is the best commercial golf simulator?

For a high-end experience, the Uneekor EYE XO and a Carl’s Place Pro Enclosure with Premium Impact Screen will impress you and your customers. This durable setup will protect your business and the EYE XO provides an excellent range of highly accurate data parameters. Your customers will keep coming back to work on their swing.

As far as commercial golf simulators go, this setup is top-notch.

Being overhead mounted, you can keep it out of the way of people, clubs, balls, spilled drinks, or whatever comes its way.

Protect your EYE XO even more by mounting it to the 2-inch EMT on the Carl’s Place Pro Enclosure, instead of futzing around with mounting it on your ceiling.

Golf Enclosure Using Uneekor Launch Monitor

Carl's recommendation for Best Commercial Golf Simulator includes:

Uneekor EYE XO with Pro Enclosure
Pros and Cons include:

  High-end setup for commercial settings

  Options to protect equipment

 Impressive graphics and accuracy

  Won't fit everyone's budget

Requires more space than many home golfers have available

How do golf simulators work?

A golf simulator is an indoor virtual golf setup, including an enclosure and screen, with the technology to see and analyze your swing.

Oftentimes, when people say “golf simulator” they're actually talking about the launch monitor. The launch monitor tracks your swing and ball to give you accurate information on where your ball virtually went. Whereas the golf simulator is the entire setup that lets you experience indoor golf. Including the enclosure, screen, launch monitor, and accessories.

  1. A golfer hits the golf ball into the golf simulator enclosure. There it is "caught" by an impact screen that stops it from coming straight back at your head.
  2. A launch monitor tracks your swing and ball. Using golf simulator software, the launch monitor shows the golfer data on the shot like swing angle or smash factor.
  3. A projector places the image of a golf course, driving range, or game onto the impact screen. This is what gives indoor golfers the realistic feeling of golfing on a course.
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Carl's Choice for Best Luxury Golf Simulator
Pro Enclosure with BenQ Projector

When picturing the Best Luxury Golf Simulator, we imagine an immersive setup where you feel like you're teeing off at Augusta National. The Carl’s Place Pro Golf Enclosure with Premium Impact Screen will give you the wraparound feel where you won't even remember you're at home or work. Add a 4K projector and a Uneekor launch monitor and you'll have accurate, realistic indoor golf for your high-end home or business.

For launch monitors, check out the Uneekor QED, EYE XO and EYE XO2.

The QED is the less expensive of the three, which would allow you to have extra money to spend on other luxurious items. But, the EYE XO and EYE XO2 let you use any ball you want. A nice feature for luxury homes and businesses versus having to use specifically marked golf balls.

Pro enclosure in commercial business

Want to see how someone else would build their luxury golf simulator? Some of our Carl’s Place team members built out how they would create a deluxe golf simulator setup for around $20,000.

Carl's recommendation for Best Luxury Golf Simulator includes:

Best Golf Simulator Projectors

Optoma EH200ST Golf Simulator ProjectorReasons to Buy: Optoma EH200ST Projector

  • 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio
  • 3,000 lumens
  • 20,000:1 contrast ratio
  • 0.50:1 throw ratio

Optoma ZH406ST Golf Simulator ProjectorReasons to Buy: Optoma ZH406ST Projector

  • 16:9 r 4:3 aspect ratio
  • 4,200 lumens
  • 300,000:1 contrast ratio
  • 0.5:1 throw ratio
  • Comparable to the Optoma GT1090HDR

BenQ LU710 ProjectorReasons to Buy: BenQ LU710 Projector

  • 16:10 aspect ratio
  • 4,000 lumens
  • 3,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • 3.1-24.0 foot throw distance
  • BlueCore laser technology

BenQ TH671ST Golf Simulator ProjectorReasons to Buy: BenQ TH671ST Projector

  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 3,000 lumens
  • 16.4ms input lag
  • 0.69:1 - 0.83:1 throw ratio
  • Up to 15,000 hours of lamp life (Eco mode)

03-lk936st-front30 (1)Reasons to Buy: BenQ LK936ST Projector

  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 5,100 lumens
  • 0.81:1 0.89:1 throw ratio
  • 4K resolution
  • 3,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio

Golf_PDP_Golf_Accessories_Projectors_BenQ_TK700STi_Image Gallery_3 copy_WebPReasons to Buy: BenQ TK700STi Projector

  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 3,000 lumens
  • 4K resolution
  • 0.90:1 - 1.08:1 throw ratio
  • Up to 15,000 hours of lamp life (Eco mode)

See more of our best projector recommendations.

Carl's Choice for Best DIY Golf Simulator
Garmin Approach R10 with DIY Enclosure Kit

When we think DIY, we think easy to set up and easy on the wallet. The Garmin R10 Launch Monitor checks both of those boxes. Pair it with a Carl's Place DIY Golf Enclosure Kit and you've got a simple setup to swing and analyze your golf game. Carl's DIY Golf Enclosure Kit is easy to set up and move around. It’s also quite durable and easy on the wallet.


What is the best DIY golf simulator?

Get yourself an affordable golf impact screen you can set up on your own and a simple, but durable hitting mat to save your joints. Use those with a Carl's Place DIY Enclosure to protect your walls and ceilings, along with a Garmin R10 to analyze your shots. Easy enough, you are ready for indoor golf.


Carl's recommendation for Best DIY Golf Simulator includes:

How To Build Your Own Golf Simulator

  1. Measure your space.
    You need to consider the space you need for your golf swing. The bare minimum space to build a golf simulator is a ceiling height of at least 8' so you have room to install one of our 7.7' tall enclosures. You need a 9’ width so you don't hit the wall and a 15' depth to accommodate the screen and tee-off area. For a more comfortable swing, we recommend closer to 9'-10' ceiling height and 12'-15' width.

    But there are some considerations that might need extra space for your golf simulator:

    • Taller golfers will need taller ceilings.
    • Golfers using long drivers will need more space than if you're working only with irons.
    • If you want to accommodate left- and right-handed golfers you'll need a wider space.
    • Golfers who just want to be more comfortable swinging a golf club and moving around will want to stay closer to the 10' ceiling and 15' width. This leaves space for your golf club to swing freely.
  2. Select a golf enclosure kit with impact screen.

  3. Choose your technology.
    Adding projector and launch monitor is what gives you that realistic analysis of your shots.

  4. Accessorize for the perfect setup. Use hitting mats, swing cameras, and software to get the golf simulator experience you love.

Follow these helpful hints on how to set up a golf simulator for a game-changing practice. Or check out our Build My Simulator tool to customize and quote a golf simulator package just for you.

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Carl's Choice for Best Training Golf Simulator:
Carl's Swing Camera Set and Uneekor Software

When looking for the best golf simulator for working on your golf swing, you want a setup that lets you see your swing in detail, provides you clear, accurate swing and ball data, as well as offers modes for training like a golf driving range simulator.

Each launch monitor has its strengths when it comes to training and improving your game, but these stand out the most here:

  1. Any Uneekor Launch Monitor

  2. Flightscope Mevo+

For working on your swing, the Uneekor units offer slow-motion footage of your club at impact. We find this to be one of the most important training pieces you can use. If your golf club isn’t where you want it to be at impact, your ball won't have the right launch angle. And it won't go where you want it to go. Slow-motion footage of your golf swing is critical for golfers to see how to improve.

Also important is seeing what pieces of your entire swing you need to tweak to possibly fix that impact point. To do that, swing training cameras such as Carl’s Swing Cameras are incredibly useful. You can mount golf swing cameras on a tripod and/or from the wall to capture every angle of your swing.

What is the best training golf simulator?

When focusing on improving your swing, you want to see the details using a set of Carl’s Swing Cameras with Uneekor software. You can watch your golf club swing in slow motion and annotate your videos with tips on how to improve. For improving your golf swing, this feature-loaded combo is perfect for someone focused on training.

Meanwhile, the new additions to the Mevo+ allow you to get a lot of the same club data that the Uneekor units offer (for a much lesser cost). And, it now offers a swing analysis feature where you don’t even have to hit a ball to get better. That with the Face Impact Location add-on for Mevo Pro Package and you'll be swinging better in no time.

Golf Bag in front of Golf Simulator Screen

Carl's recommendation for Best Training Golf Simulator includes:

With training, you always want accurate numbers. We proved the Mevo+ was accurate when we tested it out at the driving range. We don’t offer Trackman launch monitors, but golf pro Matt Hartmann explains what data to look at when training.

Carl's Swing Cameras with Uneekor Launch Monitor
Pros and Cons include:

  See and replay your entire swing in slow motion

  Make notes on your swing right on the video

  Focused on game improvement

Indoor Golf Simulator Reviews

Oaklawn golf simulator for education
"Carl's Place was a great company to work with ... very friendly and personable.
They gave us a lot of confidence in the product."
DJ home golf simulator with backlight
"It was less than a week and I had the enclosure from Carl’s Place. It was crazy."
Smash Factor Commercial Golf Simulator Facility
“When I chose to go with Carl’s … that by far was the best value..."
DIY golf simulator with backlighting
"(Carl’s Place) prices are two-thirds of the cost of the next guy,” Guy said.
“That was a massive selling point because I was trying to save money on this."
WJ Golf commercial simulator
“We have customers and people coming in asking us where we got our enclosures, what brand it is, where it’s made from and we always direct them to Carl’s Place.”

Carl's Choice for Best Portable Golf Simulator
Garmin Approach R10

Portable launch monitors are important for 2 big reasons:

  1. Moving your equipment out of the way in dual-purpose spaces
  2. Taking it from indoors to outdoors, to the driving range or golf course

We offer a few different portable launch monitors including SkyTrak, Mevo+, and Garmin R10.

The SkyTrak is best for its small footprint and also performed somewhat well, considering the conditions, when we tested it at the range. The Mevo+ performed very well at the driving range in our accuracy test, but when talking about just portability, the Garmin stands out the most.

What is the best portable golf launch monitor?

The Garmin R10 is one of the smallest launch monitors on the market. It connects easily to a magnetized tripod stand, letting it be set up pretty much anywhere. The Garmin R10 also comes with a perfect little protective carrying case to take it wherever you need to go. Garmin R10 is Carl's #1 choice for a portable launch monitor.

Garmin R10 Accuracy Field Test

We tested out the Garmin R10 for accuracy at the driving range and were pleasantly surprised at how well it did at its price point compared to other launch monitors. See what you think about accuracy and make sure not to miss Mike pranking Tim with an exploding golf ball.

Carl's Choice for Best Compact Launch Monitor

Some of our favorite compact launch monitors on the market are the SkyTrak, Garmin R10, and the Mevo+. All of these units are physically small, but the Garmin R10 and Mevo+ need more room to work. They both need at least 6 feet of space behind the hitting area, making them less compact overall.

In some indoor golf simulators, you might not have that space available.

What's the best compact launch monitor?

While both compact and accurate, the Garmin R10 and Mevo+ need a bit more clear space around the golfer than the SkyTrak. The SkyTrak sits just about a foot off to the side of the ball. The SkyTrak isn't the smallest launch monitor, but its ability to work in tight spaces makes it Carl's Choice for the best compact launch monitor.

SkyTrak Accuracy Test

We tested the SkyTrak out on the driving range to check its accuracy. Given the conditions during our test, the SkyTrak performed decently.

Here are some tips to increase the SkyTrak accuracy and make sure you’re getting the most out of your unit.

How To Choose the Best Golf Simulator for You

Consider your priorities, your budget, your space, and how much you want to do yourself. If you're on a budget and good at DIY projects, you can piece together an impact screen and accessories to build your own indoor golf simulator. Need something more ready to assemble? Creating your own golf simulator package is going to be more your style.

This buying guide recommends options for each unique customer's needs. When buying a golf simulator, if you're focused on budget, look at the overall value and longevity of the equipment. Price is a good measurement, but the long-term value in high-quality impact screens will serve you better.

For golfers seeking a better swing, the performance of the Best Training Golf Simulator is hard to beat.

Regardless of what you need in a golf simulator, we know it's out there. We know because we custom build solutions for people like you every day. Just let us know what you need.

At Carl's Place, we stand behind every single piece of equipment we sell. You'll see it in our top-notch customer service and the care we put behind every resource we provide. We test out the products we sell and recommend as if we were the ones purchasing them.

If you ever need help with a golf simulator build, want to talk it out with someone, our team of customer service specialists is happy to help you. For custom golf simulators, this Build Your Own Golf Simulator tool lets you customize your golf simulator package.

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In summary, here are the best golf simulators in 2023:

  1. Best Home Golf Simulator: DIY Enclosure with SkyTrak Launch Monitor
  2. Best Value Golf Simulator: Carl's DIY Enclosure with Mevo+
  3. Best Multiplayer Golf Simulator: Uneekor QED Launch Monitor with Pro Enclosure and E6 Software
  4. Best Entry-Level Golf Simulator: Garmin Approach R10 with Carl's DIY Enclosure
  5. Best Commercial Golf Simulator: Uneekor EYE XO with Carl's Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit
  6. Best Luxury Golf Simulator: Pro Enclosure with BenQ Projector
  7. Best DIY Golf Simulator: Garmin Approach R10 Launch Monitor with DIY Enclosure
  8. Best Training Golf Launch Monitor: Carl's Swing Camera Set and Uneekor Software
  9. Best Portable Golf Launch Monitor: Garmin Approach R10
  10. Best Compact Golf Launch Monitor: SkyTrak

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