Carl’s Picks of 2021: Top 10 Golf Gifts


Having trouble thinking of a gift for the golf fanatic in your life because they “already have everything they need?” 

Carl’s Picks 2021: Top 10 golf gift ideas for golfers who use or are looking to purchase a golf simulator to improve their game.

  1. DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure: This easy-to-assemble kit is great for practicing at home and catching those errant shots that miss or bounce sideways off the screen. It also provides a darker environment for a high quality projected image. This is a popular golf gift because of these golf simulator benefits.
  2. FlightScope Mevo+ Launch Monitor: Easy to pair with a Golf Simulator Enclosure, the Mevo+ is a unique launch monitor and simulator that uses 3D Doppler tracking technology to give you highly accurate data. A great golf gift for dad!
  3. SkyTrak Launch Monitor: For the golfer looking to quickly improve their game, the Skytrak Launch Monitor measures ball speed, distance, launch angle, club speed, spin rates and more. Pair it with a Pro Golf Enclosure Kit for a high-end home simulator.
  4. Golf Simulator Control Box: Is your dad tired of walking back and forth between his hitting mat and computer to change his club settings? This easy-to-install golf gift idea is the solution to your dad’s problem. Just plug into the USB port on your computer and place the controller near the hitting mat to eliminate the unnecessary steps and wasted time.
  5. Golf Equipment Organizer Rack: For the golfer who needs a little help with organization of their equipment, an organizer rack is a great way to keep it all neatly in one place. Keep dad’s golf bag, clubs, balls, tees, shoes and more on this rack so he can spend less time searching for his equipment and more time ripping shots on his simulator.
  6. Golf Simulator Den Caddie: Is your dad a hip guy who needs a stylish way to store his equipment on his new rack? A den caddie is a great golf gift to stay organized while possibly showing off dad’s favorite golf brand.
  7. TrueStrike Hitting Mat: Help dad get the most realistic feedback on his shots with a True Strike Hitting Mat. The True Strike mat introduces a new concept: a soft but durable surface with a gel insert underneath the turf. 
  8. All-In-One Club Cleaner: Many golfers struggle to keep their clubs clean, which can affect performance on the course and in the simulator. This all-in-one cleaner includes a sprayer, scrubber, groove cleaning tool and towel to keep not only your clubs in great shape, but also to keep dirt off your simulator screen.
  9. Cell Phone Tripod: Is your dad in a funk on the course and can’t seem to snap out of it? Help him identify what he can improve in his swing with a cell phone tripod. With his smartphone mounted to the tripod, he can record a slow-motion video to help him figure out what might be going wrong.
  10. Audio System or Speakers: Top off your dad’s golf simulator with great audio by getting him a simple Google Nest or an Amazon Echo Dot, or invest in a set of surround sound speakers that would work great for a golf simulator or home theater. 

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