Condo shopping? A golf simulator is the new must-have perk

Pools and exercise facilities are great, but a golf simulator at your complex? Even better.

Golf simulator with seating area

A golf simulator makes for a great hangout spot for residents at an apartment or condo complex.

While doing some research, we came across an article listing some “outrageous amenities” for condominium and apartment complexes. 

To us, most of these “outrageous” amenities are actually pretty awesome. A café and/or dining room so you don’t have to worry about cooking some nights? Heck yes. A rooftop pool for those beautiful, warm summer days? Of course. A music practice room? Why not?

Some apartment or condo complexes list (boring) aspects like granite countertops and spacious floor plans as amenities. Those might be nice to have, but how about a golf simulator? YOU. BETCHA.

While it might not be common, a golf sim as an amenity is certainly a growing idea. We’ve noticed golf simulators are offered in fancy, high-end skyscrapers in New York City to small-town complexes in the Midwest. 

Can you imagine being a huge golfer living in an apartment or condo and not having access to your own yard to practice your short game? Or having dreams of owning your own golf simulator, but you don’t have that extra room in your apartment or condo?

Maybe you’ve been looking to live on or near a golf course. Well, having a golf simulator in your complex might be even better, especially since you wouldn’t have to worry about a golf ball shattering your kitchen window. 

One of the best things about a golf sim is that you can have fun using it no matter how often you golf. The avid golfer might use it to keep improving their game, while the non-golfer might invite some friends over for an entertaining evening. Similar to a bowling alley, dartboard or pool table … you don’t have to be great at the game to have fun.

One major reason for having a golf simulator is that you never have to worry about weather or daylight affecting your golfing time.

Many golf simulator software options, such as Creative Golf 3D, offer everything from full virtual golf courses, driving ranges, training modes and games such as golf darts. 

Golf simulator rendering

A golf simulator helps attract high-end residents to your rental property.

Raise the value of your rental property with a golf simulator amenity

As a complex owner, you’re always looking for ways to raise property value and attract higher-end residents. A golf sim may be just the ticket.

Having a golf sim could put you over the top compared to your competitor down the road. What a unique way to level up your listings and command that top dollar!

Unique amenities are great marketing tools, as well. Imagine one of your residents inviting some friends over to enjoy the golf simulator in your complex. Not only will they have a blast, but they will also have a chance to see your beautiful complex. That could turn into either them wanting to be a resident there, or them spreading the word to other potential future residents. 

It’s also a great, family-friendly option to offer. Some of your residents might need something close and easy to entertain their kids for a couple hours, and a golf sim could be a perfect choice.

Golf, although frustrating at times, is also a relaxing and rewarding experience. For that resident who works long, hard days and just needs a low-key activity to take their mind off the stresses of the day, a golf simulator would be a great idea. Even if they work into the evening hours, a golf sim allows them to play a game they love after dark.

On the other hand, golfing can be a workout. Although you wouldn’t be walking the course, the amount of shots you can get in throughout a short period of time can be taxing. Put it next to your fitness center as a workout option!

Whether your residents would use golf to relax or exercise, a simulator will help your residents save time traveling to and from a course and playing a 4-hour round, and money on greens fees. 

If complexes build out a golf simulator setup with a little bit of soundproofing, or place the simulator far enough away from resident sleeping areas, they could even offer it as a bonus throughout the night.

A golf simulator is a great addition to a short-term rental, too

Speaking of rentals, we’ve heard of several VRBO or Airbnb properties offering golf simulators. A perfect example might be a property near a destination golf course that a bunch of people might rent out for a golf trip. Placing a golf simulator in your home would be a great idea to keep your rental property going in the offseason.  

No matter the budget you have, Carl’s Place can help. We offer discounts with our simulator packages, or buy your enclosures, impact screens and much more a la carte starting from our home page. If you think a golf simulator would be a great idea on your property but don’t know where to start, give our Custom Sim Design Service a try!

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