Customer Spotlight: Fairways of Woodside Reviews Golf Enclosures

We had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with the guys over at Fairways of Woodside in Sussex, WI to review their take on Carl’s Place Golf Enclosures and Golf Impact Screens.


Winter in Wisconsin limits outdoor play during several months of the year, so Fairways of Woodside made the decision to invest in two Trackman golf simulators along with Carl’s Place Golf Enclosure Kits with Impact Screens to offer indoor play in their clubhouse during the entire off season. As General Manager Ben notes:

“This offers us a different avenue to stay open during the offseason.”

One of the most important aspects with an indoor setup is that it looks and feels like a real game of golf. According to Chris, the PGA Director of Golf at Fairways of Woodside, “the combination of the Trackman simulator and Carl’s Place Golf Impact Screen is a great solution for us.” He goes on to say that “at a lot of indoor places it feels like you’re just practicing golf but here you’re playing golf. It’s almost just like a regular round of golf. When looking for a golf impact screen for the Trackman simulator, Fairways of Woodside was looking for an affordable, Wisconsin-based company to buy from.

Fairways of Woodside owner, Rob, was quick to note the durability of the Premium Impact Screens. He told us that they “bash balls into the screens 10 hours a day for 4 months. Other courses have torn up screens and ours just keep up to our demands. When you spend $18,000 on a radar, you need a high end screen/hitting surface and that’s what we get with Carl’s.”

“It’s almost like a regular round of golf," said Ben, General Manager at Fairways of Woodside.

Fairways of Woodside has a 10x15x10-foot DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit as well as a custom golf impact screen that they use in an enclosure they’ve designed themselves. The golf simulators are used for providing golf lessons and hosting league rounds for their members, as well as for renting out to various events.

Thanks again to the folks at Fairways of Woodside for sharing this golf enclosure review and experience with us.

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