Gifts for Golfers

No matter what time of year, it’s never too early or late to start thinking about that next gift-giving opportunity for that golf-obsessed person in your life. Whether they are just beginning or have enjoyed the sport for years, these gifts will be sure to help them build out their golf simulator and grow their skills.

  1. DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure: For the golfer looking to perfect their game in the off-season, this is the gift that keeps on giving. This easy-to-assemble kit is perfect for at-home practice, and catching any shots that miss or bounce off the screen. It also shades the screen for the brightest projected image. If you want to be sure the enclosure and impact screen fit their free space, sneak into the room and get some measurements, and then use our Build Your Own Golf Simulator Tool to make a custom sized setup.Golf Gift Guide 2

  2. Carl’s Off-Course Collection: Make sure that golfer in your life is always comfortable swingin’ or chillin’ while also reppin’ their favorite indoor golf brand! Hoodies, joggers, T-shirt polos and vests … Carl has it all for that unordinary golfer in your life. 

  3. A Golf Related Item From Garmin: For the golfer who likes gadgets, a Garmin golf watch is the perfect golfing partner that doubles as an everyday watch. They measure shot distance, analyze your swing, and display smartphone notifications. But even better is a Garmin Approach R10 launch monitor. Get started with one of the most affordable launch monitors on the market. Or step up and save more money with a Garmin Bundle

  4. Carl’s Swing Cameras: There are many different ways to level up your golf game, but most are not as effective as being able to watch your swing in slow motion. Using Carl’s Swing Cameras with golf simulator software from Uneekor or Foresight, or a free third party software called Kinovea, that golfer is going to fix their slice or snap-hook so fast, they might think about getting into coaching. Either way, the faster they improve, the happier they will be.

  5. Carl’s HotShot Hitting Mat: There’s nothing else like it on the market; A hitting mat that comes with a precut hitting strip area that you can replace years later after you wear it out, or replace right away with one of Carl’s Divot Hitting Strips. Easy to unbox and roll out to install, easy to pull out and replace the hitting strip, and easy to move around. 

  6. Big Moss Return Ramp: Playing in your home golf simulator is about as convenient as it gets, especially when you include a Big Moss Return Ramp. Stop fiddling around with your ball to get it back onto your hitting mat, or bending over to pick up and place your ball back in the hitting area. This ramp makes it too easy to get the ball back to the hitting area; just drag the ball with your club right up the ramp!

  7. A Life Well Played: My Stories, by Arnold Palmer: For the golfer needing inspiration, Arnold Palmer shares his wisdom and life experiences in this New York Times bestseller. Full of career, life and relationship advice, this book is a great gift for anyone on your list, golfers and non-golfers alike.

  8. Carl’s Golf Tees: A perfect stocking stuffer for any golfer. Choose from just plastic tees (long for your driver or short for irons), or add in some rubber tee holders, or get it all in a bundle. This stocking stuffer works great with Carl’s HotShot Hitting Mat.

  9. Golf Equipment Organizer Rack: For the golfer who could use a little extra organization in their life, a Golf Equipment Rack is the perfect way to wrangle all the gear. Durable and adjustable, this is a practical gift that’ll ensure they’ll spend less time searching for their gear and more time out on the green.

  10. Carl’s Launch Monitor Alignment Stand: Make sure your special someone is getting the most out of their floor mounted launch monitors with Carl’s stand. It helps level off and raise up the launch monitor to get the most accurate data.

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