How To Incorporate TruGolf MultiSport Into Your Golf Setup

Carl is known for helping make your home indoor golf dreams come true. But what about your home indoor soccer, or baseball, or football, or hockey, or bowling, or dodgeball dreams?

That’s where the TruGolf MultiSport ARCADE enters the picture.

TruGolf’s MultiSport Simulator brings stunningly lifesize sports entertainment right into your home. Sure, it may help you improve some aspects of your game in some sports, but we feel it’s best for entertainment, particularly for families with young children. 

Imagine having a multitude of virtual, arcade-style games at home to entertain your kids for hours on end. Add in a golf simulator for the parents and you’ve got a hard-to-beat family entertainment space.

Note that the TruGolf MultiSport Simulator is its own separate unit; it does not include anything golf related. If you’d like golf simulation as part of your setup as well, you’ll need a separate golf launch monitor - whether that’s from TruGolf or another brand.

So, for those who already have golf simulator setups and want to add more sports to your scene, or for those of you looking to add both to your setup right off the bat, we’ll walk you through how to best incorporate TruGolf’s MultiSport Simulator into your setup.

How Much Does The MultiSport Simulator Cost?

As of the publishing of this article, the cost of the TruGolf MultiSport Simulator is $5,500, but it never hurts to check out the most up-to-date pricing.

Where Does The TruGolf MultiSport Simulator Mount?

The E6 Interactive Sports Camera, which is the “launch monitor” for TruGolf’s MultiSport Simulator, mounts approximately the same distance away from the impact screen as the ceiling height over the play area.

For example, if you plan to kick, hit or throw balls from an area that has 9-foot ceilings, you’ll want to mount the back camera of the E6 Interactive Sports Camera approximately 9 feet away from the impact screen. Then, the action area, or the area where you will kick, throw or hit the ball from, is approximately 1 additional foot beyond the back camera (further away from the impact screen).

For mounting details and instructions, check out TruGolf’s manuals: Multisport Manual and Interactive Sports Camera Manual.

Multisport and Golf Simulator

Perhaps the easiest way to include the TruGolf MultiSport ARCADE in a golf simulator would be to use it alongside a floor-mounted golf launch monitor, such as the:

  • Uneekor EYE MINI and EYE MINI Lite
  • FlightScope Mevo+
  • SkyTrak+
  • Foresight GC3, GCQuad, and QuadMAX
  • Full Swing KIT
  • Garmin Approach R10
  • Rapsodo MLM2PRO

Beware that the mounting location for the E6 Interactive Sports Camera is similar to a lot of overhead mounted golf launch monitors, meaning it’s possible that both monitors will not be able to be mounted at the same time, or might interfere with each other.

There are some overhead golf launch monitors that could mount just in front of or behind the multisport unit, which could possibly work. Or, there are launch monitors such as the Uneekor QED that mount behind the golfer and wouldn’t compete for the same space as the multisport unit; however, the QED might then compete with the mounting spot for your projector.

How Does The E6 Interactive Sports Camera Work?

The E6 Interactive Sports Camera includes two depth cameras: one faces the impact screen, and one faces the player.

When the ball is hit, kicked or thrown, the two cameras track the ball and determine speed and direction, and then send that information to the software to simulate it on the screen.

It also includes a microphone for voice activation options.

Configuring The E6 Interactive Sports Camera

From the E6 Product Launcher program, you’ll navigate to the menu icon, click on “admin tools,” and then select “E6 Interactive Sports Camera CONFIG.”

The program will then walk you through how to set up your cameras and how to define the boundaries of the ball tracking area, the impact screen area, the back floor area, the play area and the tee position.  

For more information, reference the TruGolf Interactive Sports Camera manual. 

What Equipment Comes With TruGolf MultiSport Simulator?

With the purchase of the multisport simulator, TruGolf sends most of the equipment you need to play all the games. That equipment includes things like a baseball tee, soft baseballs, football, football tee, hockey stick, street hockey ball, soccer ball, and so on. Keep in mind all impact screens are wearable items, and adding the multisport use to your setup may change the rate at which your impact screen wears.

The box also includes: a light track and universal projector mount, 30-foot extension cord and a 32-foot USB 3.0 fiber optic cable. Optional add ons include a remote power switch, IR booster lights with power adapters and mounts, and a three prong outlet adapter. 


First of all, TruGolf provides the following specs for your PC to be able to run the TruGolf MultiSport software:

  • GPU
    • Minimum: Nvidia GeForce GTX 680/1050 Ti
    • Recommended: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 / 1660 Ti (RTX 2070 or 2080 for 4K)
  • CPU
    • Minimum: Core i3 6th gen, Intel processor
    • Recommended: Core i7 8th gen, Intel Processor
  • RAM
    • Minimum: 8GB of installed memory
    • Recommended: 16GB
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Other: Internet connectivity, two or more USB 3.0 ports, sound card with mic/line in capabilities

Everything is run out of the E6 Product Launcher application that is downloadable from TruGolf’s website. Users can then download the individual games inside of the launcher.

Those individual games include:

  • Rally Baseball: similar to a home run derby
  • Zombie Dodgeball
  • Slap Shot Hockey: four game modes, including goalie, target, blackout and long shot
  • Bowl-A-Rama: challenge up to eight players simultaneously
  • Wild West: shooting accuracy game that requires the light gun
  • Field Goal Frenzy: practice your field goal kicking accuracy
  • Breakaway Soccer: three different play modes, including penalty kick, target practice and passing mode
  • Foot Golf: four unique courses or demolition mode for you to test out your soccer kicking accuracy skills
  • Disc-Go Golf: four different courses and a destruction mode to practice your disc tossing
  • Inside Heat: step on the mound and try to strike out your opponent
  • Quarterbacks: make a read and complete a pass in the high intensity football game

All games can be played on easy, medium, or hard difficulty. 



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