I recently purchased Carl’s Place (ALR) Ambient Light Rejection Material and used it on my DIY screen. First off, I’d like to start by saying that I am pretty new to the projector scene. The projector I am using is an Epson 6030UB and the screen I built has a 133 inch diagonal. The projector has not been calibrated yet. The walls and ceiling in this house are white. As for the screen material, I am super happy with it. It blows my mind how much better this material is than the white screen I had before! The material performs very well even with moderate lighting. We put this material next to Black diamond screen sample and couldn’t notice much difference between the two. When my sliding door was not covered, it did not do as well with sunlight, but with lights on in the room and the white walls, the screen and is still perfectly clear.

Robert V. | Forgan, OK