2021 Indoor Golf Gift Guide from Carl's Place

Indoor golf simulator in home workout gym

From golf enclosures and impact screens to launch monitors and software, Carl's Place has a plethora of holiday gift options for the golfer in your life.

When does the holiday season start? Is it Nov. 1? Thanksgiving time? When December rolls around? 

Golfers might consider the holiday season to start once golf season is over, but it is never too early to start thinking about and ordering holiday gifts for the golfer in your life.

Have a specific budget you need to stay under? We challenged some of our Carl’s Place team to build an awesome golf simulator for $5,000, $10,000 and $20,000

Carl’s Place offers a variety of holiday gift ideas to keep that golfer happy through the dreary winter months. Below are our five best gift ideas!


Protect yourself and your home with indoor golf enclosures and impact screens from Carl’s Place.

We offer two different types of indoor golf enclosures - the DIY and Pro - and three different impact screens: Standard, Preferred and Premium. 

If you’re limited on space at home, the DIY might be just what you’re looking for. It’s easy to assemble in tighter spaces, and even easier to take down or move. 

Maybe you have more space to work with and want a more professional looking indoor golf setup. Then the Pro enclosure might be right for you. Get it? It’s called the Pro, and is a little more Professional looking? We describe the enclosures a little bit more here

As for the impact screens, the Standard is best for the beginner or entry level setups. Preferred has a tighter weave for better image quality and is a bit more durable. 

Premium is the best that we have, providing the best image, the best durability and the best sound deadening. It’s simply the best.

Having a hard time choosing which material to get? Maybe we can help


Nowadays, there are a ton of great options when it comes to launch monitors and software. 

Similar to when you can’t seem to find that soul mate and people keep telling you there are a lot of “fish in the sea.” There are so many options, but sometimes it’s hard to find the one with which to fall in love.

At Carl’s Place, we offer four top quality launch monitors: the FlightScope Mevo+, SkyTrak, Uneekor QED and Uneekor EYE XO.

The Mevo+ and SkyTrak provide great data and are amazing for their portability as they can be moved around very easily. However, the Mevo+ works best if left- and right-handed golfers are playing at the same time as it sits in one place, whereas the SkyTrak would have to be moved from side to side.

We even put the Mevo+ to the test at the driving range to see just how accurate it is. 

Speaking of great for lefties and righties, the Uneekor launch monitors mount in a central position and use high speed cameras to read ball and club data. They also provide high quality replays of your club as it impacts the ball, helping you tweak your swing even more. 

Although they are a little heavier on the wallet, they are worth every penny. And they mount well to a Carl’s Place Pro Enclosure!


Speaking of lots of options…

Admittedly, projectors can be a bit complicated, so we’ve put together some useful resources on projector terminology and how to set one up in your golf simulator room. 

We are big fans of the golf simulator projectors BenQ has been putting out lately. We offer a couple of short-throw options in the LK936ST and TH671ST, and some middle budget options such as the LU710

Carl has even made some projector suggestions for other brands. 


If there is one piece of a golf simulator to not cheap out on, it might be what you’re hitting off of. You want to make sure you have a soft but durable hitting mat that is as realistic as possible.

That’s where the TrueStrike series of hitting mats come into play. TrueStrike offers a modular design where heavy duty pieces connect easily to make up the mat. One of the pieces includes a gel hitting section, which acts like a fairway when you hit off of it. 

They are extremely durable and heavy duty, meaning they don’t move around when you swing. However, if they wear out over the years, gel sections can be purchased and easily installed in the unusable section’s area. 


If all of the above is too overwhelming with options, let our custom sim design service help you choose the perfect gift(s) for that special someone. Or, even better yet, just gift the service to them and they will be forever grateful for you helping them make that dream indoor golf simulator room come to life. 

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