Build Your Top Golf Simulator Using 2-inch EMT

Building your top-of-the-line Golf Simulator using 2-inch EMT

Our Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kits are designed for high-end golf simulator installations. However, it is important to know that it’s not always about what you see that can make or break your golf simulator enclosure. This is why Carl’s Place provides all necessary components and recommends using structural tubing in the form of 2-inch Electrical Metallic Tubing/Conduit (EMT) to build our Pro Enclosures. 

Carl’s Place offers the option of precut and marked 2-inch EMT with any Pro Enclosure purchase.

Carl’s Tip: EMT is a zinc-coated steel tube that is strong and relatively lightweight, making it the perfect material to frame your enclosure. We do not recommend using PVC or rigid tubing with our kits.


If the customer would rather buy and cut their own 2-inch EMT instead of having it shipped from Carl’s Place, check in with your local hardware store or big-box store.

Included in your Carl’s Place Pro Golf Enclosure Kit will be details on what lengths and quantities of EMT are required. Most hardware stores have 2-inch EMT available in 10-foot sections, and some stores will even cut the EMT down to the sizes that you need. If you want to cut the EMT to size at home, we suggest using a sawzall style saw or a standard chop saw. 

Be sure to make safety your top priority. Wear proper eye and ear protection when using any cutting tools, and in order to avoid cuts to your hands and make assembly easier, we suggest using a file and deburring tool to smooth out the pipe edges after cutting. The diagram in the kit will help you mark and assemble your frame.


Our customer service team at Carl’s Place answers many questions about other options for the framing of a golf simulator enclosure. We suggest using EMT to create a frame that can bear weight and a structure that will support electronics, projector mounts and other accessories. 

We don’t suggest using PVC piping because it can be flexible at times, causing sagging and fitting issues. Sagging causes the side walls to not stay taut and could have a “stage curtain effect,” meaning the screen might not hang flat because the vertical and horizontal pipes begin to bow.

Also, the fittings of the Carl’s Place Pro Enclosure are specially designed to be used with 2-inch EMT and not 2-inch PVC pipes as the different types of pipes are slightly different sizes. 

Although our DIY Enclosures use 1-inch EMT, we do not suggest using that for our Pro Enclosures as the smaller piping cannot support the same amount of weight. The 2-inch EMT has thicker side walls and is more rigid, allowing it to span wider distances than the 1-inch. Also, the 1-inch EMT cannot bear the weight of an overhead launch monitor or mounted projector.

Carl’s Place Pro Enclosures use the 2-inch EMT to build wider and deeper enclosures without having to brace the longer lengths with vertical supports.

We rarely, if ever, hear of any damage to EMT from errant shots due to the overall strength of the EMT, but also because our Pro Enclosures come with padding that protects the piping from ball strikes. The padding also protects the player(s) by keeping balls from ricocheting back at them off the piping.

Wondering how to connect your 2-inch EMT at the corners of your Pro Enclosure? Carl’s Place offers 2-inch steel fittings for piping connections and corners.


When looking at a Pro Enclosure, the actual outer dimensions of the 2-inch EMT frame will be roughly 5 inches larger than the listing size. For instance, if you are looking at the 90 inches tall by 156 inches wide (16:9 aspect ratio) set up, the actual outer dimensions of the enclosure would be 95 inches tall by 160.5 inches wide.

Orders with a 'Pipe Framing Kit' ship freight. You or the recipient needs to be present at the time of delivery and assume responsibility for unloading the pallet or be responsible for any charges incurred at the time of delivery. The heaviest box is likely to weigh about 50 pounds. Customers who are unable to unload the pallet box-by-box should add lift gate service. Price is an estimate that is valid to most locations.

For more information on each enclosure size, please reference the specifications tab underneath the pricing information on our Pro Enclosure web page